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  1. I know I have some cringe child moments lol I just accept it was a different me back then. I know I'd likely have a whole different identity here had I made my account a few years later, but the Nazotchi theme is just too nostalgic at this point to change it.
  2. You can leave it in the name stage or crying screen forever really. On V3 and older the baby would even age still. If you left it on the naming screen for 15 days, the baby's age would be 15. Made little difference in play though as 15 basically became the "zero" and it continued to go through the life stages at a normal rate This didn't work for the V4 or higher that I recall of.
  3. After that's all done with I'll be attempting to marry a virtual PBX, the Win 98 and a dial-up modem along with my actual modem to see if I can rig up a pseudo-dial-up connection. Just to see if it can be done.
  4. Just a computer that I'm building. I'm using and finding as many old parts as possible to build a 2000ish computer. Aiming to load it with Win 98. Still looking for an old likely discoloured white case to really seal the retro deal here. (Well, retro for me as I was born in 1996). Mostly for nostalgia and to be able to run old programs without emulation. Not sure yet, something near the year 2000 and made by Intel. I'll find out when I can actually boot it into Windows
  5. May as well share one of my little projects:
  6. I have so many projects I'd love to see come to life some day, yet none of the financial backing.

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    2. Eggiweg


      Something like a whole new platform to display and sell their art?

    3. Nazotchi25


      I would work on function first when deployed to my friends. I would prefer to keep away from money as it complicates things.

      A non-profit would be the best option to me. They would still be able to display art and solicite commissions from people, but the exchange of money would not fall onto me.

    4. Eggiweg


      Sounds like what the art community needs, I wish you the best of luck with your project in the future.

  7. I realize I'm a month late, but why are you quoting and sharing posts from 2013? No harm really, just seems kind of strange.
  8. I mean its still a good song, I listen to it casually all the time. If anything I think its been basically immortalized now.
  9. It feels nice being on vacation

    1. Alex Grigoriou
    2. Tacoburritotchi


      Empty places due to this pandemic= total relaxation -w-

    3. Tacoburritotchi


      Well, mostly empty -w-"

  10. My personal best is in the 40s. I don't remember the exact number unfortunately but I did remember that it was on my Tamagotchi V3
  11. Happy Independence Day to my American friends!

  12. Happy Canada Day my fellow Canadians!

  13. From an amateur web designer's point of view, I can understand why it was missed or ignored. Depending on how you stylize a page it may not format correctly on different screen sizes or resolutions. A good example was a page I was making for a friend. It only looked proper when the screen was 1920x1080 and if you didn't resize the browser window at all. As soon as one of these things happened, the whole thing broke I can only assume that this is a similar thing, but its so small it may not even have been brought to their attention.
  14. Topic Closed Accidental topic bump
  15. My best guess is metal etching. I'm not really sure on what you'd need to do to do it on a battery, but hey it looks pretty cool
  16. Uh... pardon? I have no idea what you're even talking about, friend. I think I'll need some clarification..
  17. I wouldn't say anything too drastic is happening in the community. A lot of people from the past simply moved on. This forum is pretty much the only living Tamagotchi community around aside from niche blogs, Facebook groups and some discord servers. There's still a good amount of people out there just many stick to online interaction.
  18. ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED is a generic error code given when your connection to a site was refused for an undisclosed reason. Usually these happen with shadow-banned IP addresses. Typically only a problem if you're using a popular VPN service. Alternatively it may result in HTTP Error 401: Unauthorized or 403: Forbidden
  19. Got myself a new tablet. I'm really liking it so far, never had one before

  20. Nothing like finding out one of your servers are potentially compromised!
    Worry not, my servers have nothing to do with TamaTalk so no one here is in any harm. :)

    1. Alex Grigoriou

      Alex Grigoriou

      Are they Apache, nginx, XAMPP or Lighttpd servers? 

    2. Nazotchi25


      This specific one was Apache2, looks like its fine though. Spent most the day looking through it


    3. Alex Grigoriou

      Alex Grigoriou

      I sure hope they are fine! 

  21. Fun fact, I haven't seen another human in over a week.
    Fortunately, I find that to be a total win!

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    2. Knighttchi's Ballad

      Knighttchi's Ballad

      @Nazotchi25 Good for you! My workaholic mother should be like that but her inner guilt doesn't let her. Little one can do when people's problems are due to their own mindsets. Anyway, my life has barely changed either considering I was already part of an online university and I have no other obligations.

      @Deru-sama I hope you can enjoy the isolation. I also hope you'll overcome your hypochondria. I know a bit about being incapable of belief.

    3. Momobelle


      People here have still been going out lol, even in big groups sometimes even though we were told not to

    4. Knighttchi's Ballad

      Knighttchi's Ballad

      Good for them! I've got reliable information that my father dug up which proves that COVID-19 is not the next black plague, but I think people will have to learn that for themselves. Especially since Canada is going on such excessive lock-down that we're probably going to have a recession. Still, I can be optimistic :^)

  22. The connection models basically have a cutoff point for which versions can connect to others. V1 all the way to V4.5 can connect with each other. V5 to V6 can connect with each other. I am unsure of what the Tama-go can and can connect to, but I'm positive it cannot connect to V4.5 and lower.
  23. I'm really looking forward to this release. My first Animal Crossing game was New Leaf and I enjoyed the heck out of that! Can't say I really have any definitive plans for my island. I'll just be taking it as it goes like I did in New Leaf
  24. That looks like a dead battery screen. I recommend replacing the batteries with nice new fresh ones.
  25. It ended in favour of the never ending march of progress