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    neopets, css, yo mama jokes, watching you from your closet, futurama, ignoring the shift button, overusing smileys, catfish, music, guitar

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  1. I have some fish xD I want a bird or a lizard though :3
  2. public high school with about 1000 kids, grades 9-12 n_n don't really like it though, everyone's really rich n stuff and i'm not.
  3. i loooove yellow. it's the most gorgeous colour imo n__n
  4. Mind Eraser, No Chaser - Them Crooked Vultures
  5. I enjoy making website layouts with css, html and graphics :3 I like making graphics and stuff. I looove blackberries & ipods. I love putting themes on my berry :'P
  6. boys: adam, andrew, damen, trent, james girls: iunno. I like V and L names though (:
  7. I use eyeliner, mascara, & lip balm / gloss. I don't like wearing eyeshadow or foundation though - it looks bad on me :|
  8. Paranoid 30% Schizoid 54% Schizotypal 42% Antisocial 26% Borderline 30% Histrionic 42% Narcissistic 42% Avoidant 34% Dependent 34% Obsessive-Compulsive 34%
  9. I've got the same iPod as you :'D Haha I've never used the radio, I don't even know how to work it xD
  10. Violin and a bit of guitar. I've taught myself guitar so I'm probably not that good xD
  11. I've got a couple scars on my forehead from picking my pimples (moral of the story: don't pick pimples, no matter how tempting it may be P:) I'm allergic to mosquito bites, so whenever I get one it leaves a scar-ish patch of skin that's darker than the rest of my skin, so I've got a couple dark patches on my legs and arms, but they're pretty subtle since I've had them for a few years. I have a scar on my right inner elbow place from a needle when I was younger. Not too many scars, once I think about it... it's mostly those fr33king mosquitoes D:
  12. My neighbours are all old people with CATS. There's like 5346341 roaming the streets, and I can't step outside without all the old people watching me. It's weird :| The old people living across from me have these two crazy little dogs, which bark really loud 24/7.