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    Some things you might want to know: I am an odd 15 year old Teenager. I enjoy Vocaloid, Music, Utauloid, Anime, Manga, Drawing, Reading and Writing.
    I basically have two personalities, The Shy, Depressed,quite side. And the Quite Happy, Still Shy, And Loving life at the Moment Side.... Too Shy.
    I enjoy Murder Mystery Animes & Mangas, And I also Enjoy the Cute Funny Anime and Mangas. (Probably because of the Whole Personality Thing.)
    I tend to be the background of the picture, Never really noticed, and Quite Blended in. Invisable if you Say so.
    I Love Music, Especially VOCALOID. Ask me anything about Rin Kagamine or The Horror Songs of Vocaloid. Some of my Favorite songs are, but not Limited to: Kokoro, Proof Of Life, Pretending that Nothing Happened, Trick and Treat, Alice Human Sacrifice, and Persona Alice.
    Uryu... Well, there is what you need to know about me. Notice me or Not, That is who I am.

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  1. get on tt alreadyyy :

  2. Nah, I was just browsing through Random Sites and Came across it. :3

  3. Cute animated cat pic - did you make it?

  4. Yus, I do love The warriors Series. :3

    Even though I have not read the newest Books out yet.

  5. 2 New Vocaloids, Mee and Uu. Neko Vocaloids. I love But with all the New Vocaloids... Meh I still Love.

    1. .:Rising-Sun:.



      I love vocaloid

    2. xxxkiroxxx


      Vocaloid is epic ^w^

  6. Should I buy Vocaloid Kagamine Rin/Len? Or should I wait (If it comes out) for Rin/Len Append? ;3;

    1. xxxkiroxxx


      The append is great and has less problems, but I would imagine because of that it would be harder to operate.

  7. Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-Chan... Wierdest Anime Ever... I Love It!

  8. Om nom nom on the Pocky Stick.

  9. awesome profile pic is awesome.

  10. Got Lucky Star Volume 7. *Is Happy*

    1. SugaryGoesRAWR




      LUCKYYYY- Literally xD

    2. NightFrostStar



      I know Right?

      But Friend stole Vol. 6 off the Shelf Before Me... I shall Seek get my revenge with murde- I mean Asking Nicely. xD

  11. My mouse was not working earliar, It took me 20 minutes to realize I was using my Cell Phone as a Mouse.

  12. Proof Of Life-Rin Kagamine=

  13. I was watching my cat run around in circles. He ran into the leg of the chair and fell down. I laughed. Then I ran into the Door.