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  1. Nah, I was just browsing through Random Sites and Came across it. :3

  2. Yus, I do love The warriors Series. :3

    Even though I have not read the newest Books out yet.

  3. 2 New Vocaloids, Mee and Uu. Neko Vocaloids. I love But with all the New Vocaloids... Meh I still Love.

    1. .:Rising-Sun:.



      I love vocaloid

    2. xxxkiroxxx


      Vocaloid is epic ^w^

  4. Should I buy Vocaloid Kagamine Rin/Len? Or should I wait (If it comes out) for Rin/Len Append? ;3;

    1. xxxkiroxxx


      The append is great and has less problems, but I would imagine because of that it would be harder to operate.

  5. Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-Chan... Wierdest Anime Ever... I Love It!

  6. Om nom nom on the Pocky Stick.

  7. Got Lucky Star Volume 7. *Is Happy*

    1. SugaryGoesRAWR




      LUCKYYYY- Literally xD

    2. NightFrostStar



      I know Right?

      But Friend stole Vol. 6 off the Shelf Before Me... I shall Seek get my revenge with murde- I mean Asking Nicely. xD

  8. My mouse was not working earliar, It took me 20 minutes to realize I was using my Cell Phone as a Mouse.

  9. Proof Of Life-Rin Kagamine=

  10. I was watching my cat run around in circles. He ran into the leg of the chair and fell down. I laughed. Then I ran into the Door.

  11. Makin' Cosplay Cat Ears. :3

    1. .:M@TT:.


      Lol, you're cat es funny >:3

  12. Marisa Stole the Precious Thing~ :3

    1. Hypocrite :)

      Hypocrite :)

      Awesome video ! <3

  13. Vocaloid~ FTW... Like Always. :3

  14. New Site is New. :/

    1. .:M@TT:.


      Hiyaaa Teeeacheeeer XD

  15. My Favorite Characters are: Ike Marth Link <=== Unleashes Major PNWAGE!
  16. I love the Cirque Du Freak Series, I watched the Movie like a month ago but it was nothing like the book, And It is Just Full of Action and stuff... I love it!
  17. I used to have that game... I remember Some stuff though... Name: Alice Time together: IDK Gender: Girl Type: German Shepard Other notes: My first dog on the game, She won Like all the Races.
  18. "You cant erase the past... But you can Scribble over it with a dark marker." -Me When life gives you Skittles.. You throw tham at random people and say, TASTE THE FREAKIN' RAINBOW." -IDK "Finding the answers to questions that have already been answered is stupid... So I guess school is stupid." -My neighbor "I dont have A.D.D... Do you like waffles?" -My hyper friend "Don't stare at me with that tone of voice!" -Me "You people are the reason why I don't talk to others." -Me "My Brain is like a car... It goes forward easily... But it is hard to make it go backwards and remember stuff..." -My Deranged Friend YAY for quotes!
  19. I dont like guests... I think if you dont have a Music star it is okay to be a guest... But for the others, I dont know why you would want to be a guest then a Tama. I guess my fav guest would have to be... Gozarutchi. But if they made a Shimashimetchi guest, that would be my favorite.
  20. Total Agreement!!! I hate the High School musicals... I have actually been there with my cousin (his school) and It was lame. All throughout the trip I was pointing out all the Things why I hate it.
  21. I was looking through this and Realized that There was no topic for Total Drama Island/Action! Tell me what you think of it. Which season was better, Who should of won the first season? Who do you hate the most? Who is your favorite character(boy and girl). WHo do you think will win this season? *Please NO SPOILERS* But If you Have to Tell us about a thing that might be a spoiler please put a warning. My fav characters are: Boy:Duncan, Geoff, D.J., and Trent. Girl:Bridgette, Courtney, Lindsay, and Izzie. IDK who I want to win... Just please post the things you want to tell others.
  22. Nigahiga Iz teh best!!! I watch everything they make! Fred... No offense but he is anoying... With that high voice... XD Go Nigahiga!! I PWN YOU!! XD
  23. My Fav Pokemon... UMBREON It is the Darkest pokemon of the Eeveelutions! And It is a Dark type... I like Dark Types. XD