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    I like tamatown, Tekken and I love music!<br>I like chatting with my friends and I love to fight very much!!!<br>I am a Aikidô fighting style fan!<br>I practiced Tae Kwon Do and Ying Yeung.<br>My best friend:<br>NightFrostStar: (My ultra-best friend, like a brother to me, is the BEST in this world!)<br><br>What have I did wrong, my love? :(

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  1. Wow, I really shoud start reading it! hehe
  2. Well, I never heard about it, but I will take a look x3
  3. I always defeat dazzilitchi in Drum Contest! She is soooo easy to beat.
  4. Who is the most used character in Music City? If u use more than one, put them in order.
  5. I will try it! If I can I say you something!
  6. Hey! I was curious and I started this topic!!!! Please write the ID of your tamatown best friends!!! I will tell my 3 best friends! They are BS2374, AG9126 and TS9523!!!!
  7. My favourite is Dazzilitchi!!!!! I worked very hard for her, then she is my favourite
  8. Well, that´s why I telled you that I can´t told you who is BA0528 because I knew that she was going to reveal herself. Do you understand now?
  9. My ID is MI0019. Because MI are my initials and 0019 because 19 is my luck number!
  10. Hello!!!!!!! I am MI0019!!!! I think that I have a fan too!!!!! Today I met a MI0016!!!!