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  1. Hello TamaTalk! I have decided to make another account that I will use more often. Don't worry I'll still use this one sometimes! That account is called "GermanShparkleParty~"! So friend me on there if you are on my current friend list or plan to be!

  2. Just made a new RP. I'm baaaaaaack!!

  3. This is my 1 year on TT after my return! Just check my earliest update! :-3

  4. Same here. I got mine for Chanqua (Yes. That is one of the many ways the spell Hanukkah). My cousin is a TOTAL Light fangirl. Even though he is homicidal..
  5. How do you feel? I loooooooove it!! :-D
  6. Help!! Should I get a Macintosh Origanal + or Vocaloid Oliver????

    1. NintenNerd


      Vocaloid Oliver

    2. plopman88


      I am most likely going to get Oliver

  7. I be trolling you

  8. Well.... Yours are great and all ,but I have SEALAND!!
  9. Playing with my new Canon Vixia. (It is a tiny little camera for how good the recording is!)

  10. Hope you enjoy your birthday weekend :)

  11. What is up guys! Peyton here! This is my Tamgotchi Log! wAnd I amm Paula! I amw a TawmaGawwtchi Awkia! Paula! Why don't you tell all the TamaTalkers what Tamagochi you are! I wam aShiroHaaTotchi! Lets go to the Park!! Bye TamaTalk!! SLAM!
  12. Going to start up my Tamagotchi Log again! :-D

  13. Going to start up my Tamagotchi Log again! :-D

  14. Playing through Pokemon Crystal (The best pokemon game because it was the first to use time, date, and use a Pocket Pikachu.) Also I do own one of the Pocket Pikachus. (If you do not know what they are than they are kinda like the Pokewalker via 2002 or whatever. :-D