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  1. sorry hun, i havent been on here, and i dont know what your code is. but i did get a girl. after i raised the boy, he had a baby, it was a girl, i reset it and i got to pick form a bunch of girls...
  2. age dosent matter. its so many days after turning into an adult.
  3. i did the hypertime thing again. the matchmaker will come within 2 to 4 days of it becoming an adult.Helpfull, no? (this is well tested, so doubt me if you like...)
  4. it came! last week though, couldnt get to a computer. its so cute, and so little compared to the connex! too hard though, ima have to wait for more time to take care of it...
  5. let me know if it worket for you. my tama is debugged, maybe this only works for tamagotchi's when you do that?
  6. there have been some posts on this topic and i did some testing, i debugged my tama and hypertimed it. i did this 32 times. My theory: press A if you want the baby to be the oppisite sex than the parent. press B if you want the baby to be the same sex as the parent make sense?
  7. this does work. i did it by acciedent and it only aged faster. it didnt turn into a connexion tho. i have a connexeion and thyre still diff...
  8. i got outbid! i dont get my tamaangel someone outbid me! you got outbid too?
  9. the tamagotchi angels secret charicter is twins is why they think that. i was mad when i found out its only angelgotchi! the 11th charicter down
  10. my Grandma got me one offa eBay, it hasnt come yet and i was wondering if it was any good???