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  1. One person has dumped the ROM of a Tama-Go, and I saw an emulator online last year (two years)? ago, but I can't find it anymore. Someone's used the ROM to create a "Tamagotchi Hive" inspired by XKCD.
  2. "Tried to raise 100 Tamagotchis" - YouTube *I haven't watched the whole thing yet
  3. I procrastinate too much to allow time for celebration :'D Pretty awesome though; next year is the twentieth, and it feels like the fifteenth wasn't too long ago. now if only bandai america cared
  4. Tricking: Covering certain contacts (circles) on certain figures will cause the Tama-Go to recognize a different figure
  5. The Chinese warning on the back (誤呑電池異常危險。) is a bit concerning, though, as well as the lack of branding on the front... edit: @SailorRosette It looks like it says "Connexion" on the front though, is it really a Japanese release? edit: The back of the box says it's from Bandai Hong Kong (and accordingly it's all in Chinese)...? While that explains the battery warning...

  7. Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Hiphop music, rap music, 93.3 Cube FM (Seattle radio station), alsmot any music artist alive today Lavender Town (Pokemon) Christmas song covers. Does people saying Nai-en for Nyan count? (_)
  8. Rocket. Most epic music ever, number 2 epic is Plasma. And epic people in Rocket 8D