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  1. So yuh. Post them. Mine: LucasBrightside You'll prolly see me on Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, or Fifa 10.
  2. Insomnia. ;D But it's not..yeah.
  3. Oh yeah. I totally forgot. xD -edit- I call you latsryK~
  4. Guess my name. Nicks: Kuke - Idk how. But, y'know. xD Lukie - Lots of people Lyukie - Mimi and Sophie. It was a typo. xP Lewcuss - Alex, 'cuz she totally thinks my accent is awesome Lucas - Several relatives Marshy - School friends. Derived from my last name. Ya that's it.
  5. Coco Pops and milk, because they make a bowl full of fun. ;3
  6. I think everyone woke up. Survived a whole day. A. WHOLE. DAY. And then went to sleep.
  7. Marley & Me. It's so sad because the dog dies. ;_; -failjoke-
  8. It's pancake day. ;o I've eaten pancakes for breakfast, and had a few small ones for snacks. What about you?
  9. This sort of spurred from what we were talking about in TC. xP Ginny and Meweh know mine. <3
  10. Luke.


    I feel like replaying the Oracles. Shame I can't. ;(
  11. Luke.


    I'm Level 37. Since I'm not near my 360, I can't tell you my custom classes, but when I go back on it, I'll jot them down.
  12. I was reading a blog the other day, and I saw this post and thought of this topic. I'm guessing by looking at this, you can't, but I don't know.
  13. It's not all old music. o_o On BBC Radio 2 they occasionally play music from The Feeling and Scouting For Girls, both current bands. BBC Radio 6 also play current music. EDIT: While I'm at it, 'proper music' isn't a machine making sounds or some s****y RnB s**t, like I've seen from your music tastes. Proper music is pulling out an aoustic guitar, or sitting at a drum set, bashing away for hours. :3
  14. Luke.


    Rust is good for getting quick kills.