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  1. I'd change my username [because I hate this one], but every time I do, I always go back to this one... D: But I was thinking something like: [- Kristin // Fail -] /Kristin -Lost For E t e r n i t y I like -Lost For E t e r n i t y best (:
  2. ^At least your Hawaiian name is easier to pronounce than mine... My Hawaiian name is Kilikikina O_o My nickname in Hawaiian is "Kei" ... I like that better. My dog's Hawaiian names are Apikaila, Kalawina, and Alika. 8D
  3. Other, non dead, topic There's a topic like this already... Maybe because it wasn't on the front page, you didn't notice it? It's okay... it happens.
  4. -is not bumping- Tamatalk Chewing gum Trying to pronounce my "Hawaiian name"
  5. I wear size six shoes O: I have more skinny jeans than I do regular pants.
  6. Dear piano; ahaha.... so playing for five minutes today was good enough? Meh... I'd rather not touch you today, anyway. -Kristin Dear Alix; Haha... if you seen how many skinny jeans I bought today, you'd kill me. You don't like my turquoise ones, so I know you're going to hate my neon orange ones. >D Too bad. -Christmas / Kristophan Dear shopping centre; ahaha. Who knew there'd be a store where I'd actually spend $200 in? But $50 of that was on a new backpack, so actually $150. Quite making me enjoy shopping! I'm not supposed to like it! D: -That girl who bought 3 pairs of skinny jeans at one store. Dear pretzel place in the shopping centre; So you've made large pretzels into giant pretzels, huh? Thaanks. 8D Now instead of buying two cinnamon pretzels, I only need to buy one! But I'm still buying two. -Girl that buys a cinnamon pretzel every time she goes there.
  7. Mmhm... Hilarious dad's are epic win. Just now... Mum: What was that noise? Me: Fruit Fly. Mum: It was a sizzling noise, not a buzzing noise. Me: Fruit Fly on a barbecue. It was hilarious at the time...
  8. I don't have a very good reputation.... That girl who insults people every chance she has. Rude, uncaring, self-centered, loud, annoying, disgusting. Hostile and violent to people she hates. Never wears make-up and tries to fit in with everyone. Crazy, insane, slightly mental and abnormal. Bugs people to read and rate her terrible stories. Threatens people when they do something annoying. That's practically my reputation. As you can see, it's terrible.
  9. At the shopping center: Dad: Hey! Did you know that's a door there? Me: Yeeaaahhh. Dad: Oh... Well it looks like a window to me. Me: Uhm... not really. Dad: -walks over to the door, and acts like there's a window there- Old man walking by: -sits on the bench and watches in amusement- Me: That old man was staring at you, y'know? Dad: Yeah... Us: -bursts out laughing- It was hilarious. (: And dad was trying on Winter hats at Zellers, and getting odd looks from the clerks...
  10. "I've got to say... Brett's the only one of us who actually looked like a five year old." My friend put our grade 2 class photos on Facebook, and I was telling mum that Brett actually looks the age he's supposed to be. I, however, looked like a three year old. .___.
  11. I feel the need for a list... Ash [.::Le.:.Cheshire.:.Chat::.] Beth [.tee.hee...x] Briel [Painted Windows] Ceci [cynicalbookworm] Claire [Goggle-Face] Estella [E t e r n a l- // -Love] Ezzie [Ezzie :'3] Grace [Heil Grammatik] Journey [x.xRainingx.xSunshinex.x] Keeley [Oh Star.x] Kenza [superstar_101] Krystal [`Krystal] Ksenia [x.Cant//Knit.x] Maria [x.P O K E R F A C E] Michelle [.:VeganCheeseBurgerFTW:.] Oscar [Miracle] Sarey [~:> Sarey <:~] SG [Dreamer.x] Sophie [sophie Norris] Sydney [x.Roller // Coasters.x] Tess [Mazeay] Weiwei [Rawrycakes.x] ehh.... not that big, but still good. 8D
  12. Dear Krystal; I'll probably find it! -Kristin Dear music store; haha... that ukulele was a fail. And I'm not just talking about the color of it, either. -the girl who tried to tune it, but failed.
  13. Dear 'Claire' / TeeKay; I know... I just wanted to see for myself. xD I still think they could have kept the ending out. Year 001... What. The. Fxck. -Kristin
  14. Dear TeeKay; ahaha. You're lucky. I'll probably find it somewhere, though. -Kristin Dear 2012; wtf kind of ending was THAT!? So you're saying that if we all go to Africa when the world ends, we're safe. nothx. The alternate ending was even worse. The chances of that cruise ship surviving were a trillion to one. That "ending" could have stayed out. The movie would have been better without it. -Girl who watched the rest last night.
  15. Dear EB games; F U for not having Minish Cap. So you have the first Zelda game, but not Minish Cap. What kind of messed up store is that? -That girl who kind of destroyed the order of the games... Dear Pretzel shop; I wanted to buy a cinnamon pretzel from you SO BADLY. But I just ate A&W, so I couldn't. Plus, I already spent my 20$ on a gray sweater. Oh well.... maybe next week? -The girl who walked past with a hopeful look in her eye. Dear A&W; That burger was delicious. Must be what Krabby Patties taste like (: -Girl who just had ketchup and pickles on her burger. Dear Gran; I know. But you're still not getting the leftover $5 back. -Kristin.
  16. Um... mine was something about Horseisle. I honestly can't remember.
  17. K Time


    ah yes... that part Want help? Or shall I let you suffer? >D No Krystal, it isn't. You don't have to do everything over again. Once you get a realm map, you don't have to do all that again. Very convenient.
  18. I youtubed them last week... I like Eva the Carrier, but no other ones. But Eva the Carrier is an awesome song, in my opinion.
  19. K Time


    Where on floor twenty? That's either the first or third part after the fire temple. I think it's the third, amirite?
  20. Dear TeeKay; Mmhm. I know. It's not that bad. It's just the little details that are screwed up that pisses me off. Little details mean everything when it comes to movies. -Kristin Dear 'Open Book' story; Phail. -Your writer.
  21. K Time


    kadhfiqehbfbedfe... ATTRACTIVE! Please tell me you're being sarcastic... Where are you stuck? Maybe I can help... ohwait, your dsi is dead... nevermind.
  22. User name; 'K' for my name, and 'Time' because I dunno. Avvie: a picture of a carousel I found on google images that I liked. Siggy: The lyrics kind of fit in with the avatar? It's the song "On the Wing" by Owl City.