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  1. I have heard a lot of great things about it but haven't got round to watching it yet but i sure hope to now!!
  2. 8/10 (with sugar!! lol) Rice pudding with jame
  3. I decided to make some clothes for my tamas (just for fun) becuase I thought it would be great fun to dress them up!!! Here are the instructions for the first clothing I thought of, (I will add more if anybody likes the idea)- a warm, cosy, felt scarf. I used red felt. 1. Choose a colour and material. It is only very small so you can even use off-cuts if you like. If it is around 16.5cm long it will comfortably wrap around your tama. 2. Cut a strip around 16.5cm long and 1cm wide. 3. Cut into each end around 4 or 5 times to make a fringed end. 4. Wrap around tama. Make any adjustments. If it is too long, just cut off one fringed end and then make another fring. This should decrease the length by the fringe's length. 5. OPTIONAL- You can use a safety pin to secure the ends, you can wrap the scarf round the back of tama and cross the ends at the front and pin there. Remember to be careful with sharp things because although I'm sure everyone is careful, its easy to accidently prod yourself with them and that can really hurt!! OR Sew a button onto one end and cut a slit in the other. This might wark better for fastening but if you don't have this or don't have the time then you can just use a safety pin. I took a pic but i'm not sure how to upload it so if anyone can tell me, that would be great. Anyway. have fun with this, experiment with different colours and effects, eg. maybe cut with those jagged effect or curvey effect scissors to make it more interesting!! You could even add a button instead of the safety pin. HAVE FUN AND HAVE A GO, LET YOUR CREATIVE SIDE TAKE OVER AND YOUR IMAGINATION RUN WILD!!!
  4. Just a reminder to all tama's and owners/friends of tamas about why we love them: They're always there for us, waiting with an adorable smile even in the darkest of times. They never say 'I told you so' or laugh in our face. They always try their hardest to please you in games and competitions. AND ALSO- They're just really great fun to play and spend time with. Whether you spend every living minute with your tama or whether you don't have much time for them and just manage to keep them alive, they are always there for you. You will always have an instant friend just waiting to have fun with you any time you need, just by inserting a cell. That's really neat!!
  5. friends!!, i love the way they smile at you as they float around in the little egg LOL
  6. Name: Misty Personality: Quiet and Dreamy Look: Long blonde hair and deep blue eys, tall and slim, wears pretty tops and mainly short skirts Power: Mind reading
  7. do those pixels show black on other modes (like on the time, can u see the black there?) I wonder?
  8. oh its very exciting!! Can we use more than 1 tama?
  9. Hot chocolate ovaltine or something like that usually helps and avoid caffeine in drinks and things like that.