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  1. Yes, those are good reasons, but if you do it carefully, your tamagotchi should still work after the debugging. I did it on my v1 and it worked. Nothing wrong happened. And also, if you choose an adult after you debug, the it's life will be shorter, but if you choose the baby, then it would still live as long as it should. Debug if you want to, ust be careful! DEBUG AT YOUR OWN RISK. Just do it carefully if you are going to debug!!!!
  2. Name: Bloom Gender: Girl Toddler: Mohitamatchi Teen: Young Mimitchi Adult: Dorotchi Gen: 2 Name: Luigi Gender: Boy Toddler: Mizutamatchi Teen: Piroriroritchi Adult: Paparatchi Gen: 3
  3. I suggest Toys R Us or K-mart! I got my v3 at k-mart! But for some odd reason, Target doesn't have tamagotchis anymore! Or at least where I live!
  4. All the tamagotchis wake up and sleep at different times. Don't worry, your tamagotchi must be one that sleeps late and wakes up late. This is the wrong place to post your questions though, try going to "Help for New Tamagotchi Owners".
  5. Oh my!!! IT ACTUALLY WORKS!!! Thanks so much!
  6. Well, this is what happened. JC left because he had to look over TCI and do other things, and said he would be back in January. He knew that he couldn't be a Guide when he's gone for a long time so he "quit" the TamaGuide team. He said something like, "When I come back, I will earn the right to be a TamaGuide again." So, that's why JC isn't a guide.
  7. Didn't you JUST post a poll like this? Sorry, but this poll is against the rules. The Admin decides if someone would be a good TamaGuide. Read Bell Sprout's list of what you do to become a guide. There--->http://www.tamatalk.com/IB/index.php?showtopic=13651
  8. I haven't seen you on much but, GO OSUMESU21!!!!
  9. HOORAH!! Go Spiffy!!! You'll be a GREAT TamaGuide!!!
  10. #1, I think the matchmaker comes at 10:00AM, 3:00PM, and 6:00Pm or something. Just keep your eye out for when she comes! #2, I was wondering about that too. It's odd. O-o I don't really have an answer for that.
  11. I turned 10 at January 24th 2006. A double digit, I'm so HAPPY!!!
  12. Well, i haven't seen much, but if it's like blood bursting out of a body, then it's bad.
  13. Cool! Let me try! http://www.tamatalk.com/IB/index.php?showtopic=11345
  14. I am! I hoep they win the Super Bowl! GO STEELERS!!! XD