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  1. come on more often- i haven't seen u!

  2. hey guys! i only come on every once in a while now!

  3. hey dazzilitchi star i havent seen you on music city!

    but were in eachothers bands i don't get it

  4. look in the record store by the beach...theres a thing of magazines by the counter and theres a piece in there....it was a little tricky to find ;-)
  5. sunnytchi model was never in the shop, actually. you cannot purchase a sunnytchi model. you only get it if you get a high score in the jump to the music game by the beach. It's a reward not an item to buy
  6. it doesn't matter whether or not she used the points generator or not...the whole point of this is that she is just trying to be nice and she is trying to help i mean, everybody has their own opinion and I respect yours just like i would respect anybody else's opinion. its just that the way you came across expressing your opinion was quite rude and insulting. You said things like this is CRUD and a dumb idea........not cool...just saying. You could have either kept those comments to yourself or you could've expressed your opinion in a classy fashion. we all just try to get along here on tamatalk
  7. this isn't a dumb idea at all. It's funny because you're telling her that she is NOT letting the members do what they want...but...that is exactly what she IS doing ..........she is trying to reach out to tamatown members by offering to give them items that "THEY WOULD WANT" in their rooms. I think that this is very generous of you memetchi
  8. they are hilarious! I have a random account that i've had almost since music city came out and I use it to be an annoying guest sometimes. SOMETIMES it can even be more fun than being non guest haha...not even a guest all the time...sometimes i'd dress up like a nonopotchi or tarakotchi or something like that and put stupid outfits on them and start following people around
  9. the day to evening to night feature is really cool......but i personally think that flower hills park is disappointing..especially for how long its been under construction for...
  10. don't be so negative. this is not a useless topic because clearly due to the responses, some people did not know about the piano until they read this.
  11. ok. i'm pretty sure i'm one of those people and another one is my friend. and we are not mean to ALL guests...just the annoying ones who follow you everywhere saying 'wanna be friends wanna be friends wanna be friends'. Its so annoying. we start out saying 'no thankyou' and they say 'wanna be friends?' and again we say 'no thankyou' and they keep asking and follow you everywhere. *removed*
  12. i do but everybody has their own opinions. its kinda a joke between a lot of my friends and I and we all find it comical lol
  13. hahaha yep! genius isn't it? Yet it still doesn't keep them from coming in haha