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  1. Yes, it is compatible with the Ons!
  2. You can't breed any M!X characters with On characters sadly. I'm never sure about On and M!X connectivity in general either, I think they can't connect but I'm not sure.
  3. Yes, there's a chance it's an European version if it has no "connection" written on it! But it could also be a Japanese Entama (they're not v4's, they're a different version) or an Asia Oceania version of a v4.
  4. Language of the tama doesn't matter at all, people have had Japanese tamas for years without knowing the language and they are just as fun as English ones since the text isn't very important anyway. You will understand everything maybe except for what the characters are saying but honestly even in English they aren't making much sense. However I suggest you to go with the ON JUST for one reason - the ON doesn't have the glitches Meets has, at least the most game breaking ones. I don't know what about the newer versions but the older versions of Meets are almost unplayable with the glitches.
  5. There no fakes of Angels, basically if something looks legit, its legit. Tama fakes never look even remotely like originals on the inside. The shell is just yellowed and Angels are known for having two sets of icons, one has a butt with wings and the other has a ducky potty, like yours has.
  6. I don't have a Mini yet (I definitely plan to get one at some point though) but in a Digimon case two weeks isn't a lot of time at all, I'd suspect it to live a bit more. But I doubt it lives forever, it has to die at some point. Minis are just harder to kill overall since they're supposed to be low maintenance pets.
  7. As we keep saying, they won't give you a permission because it's their intellectual property. Netflix doesn't "ask for permission" for example, they pay thousands or even millions of dollars for rights to stream a specific medium on their platform.
  8. If you want to buy license from Bandai then I'd imagine it would cost thousands of dollars in a contract. Besides there are copyright issues - the non-dubbed episodes of the anime aren't licensed outside of Japan.
  9. Your permissions don't mean anything since the anime is Bandai's property.
  10. http://mimitchi.com/tamasuku/index.shtml http://www.tamenagerie.com/tamasuku.html These are some helpful guides. There's probably some on tamatalk too.
  11. Even phones confirmed to be compatible sometimes will not work. That’s the reality of the 4U. It’s because some phone companies change the NFC frequency, and the app needs a very specific one to send. Only foolproof way to get a compatible phone is to buy one on fuzzynchic.
  12. What? Nobody hates Mimipetchi as far as I know (that's it's name!). So it's more accurately a baby mimitchi Very cute!
  13. It will live forever. There are no seniors in new versions. Only color version that had seniors was the +Color, otherwise seniors are only found on black and white versions. You can just marry her off whenever. Every tamagotchi is different so even if you read about one version it's unlikely that same applies to another version.
  14. Honestly official instructions are usually rather unhelpful. Tamago-chu is a rather elusive version because I don't remember ever seeing a proper english guide for it... I think there was one good one but the site is dead 😕
  15. It's normal, it's not really odd or anything, it's a basic mechanic. Doesn't happen very often, they just wanted your attention.