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  1. I probably would not play with one of them, just the other one. It's fun to have something unobtainable in one, I think.
  2. I usually don't even use a guide, finding out where everything is sometimes is part of the fun Though it's still good to use one at some point to make sure you're not missing out on some function, since some things might not be obvious.
  3. Most people who have the colored versions don't know Japanese, language is not a barrier at all since you don't need to know the language to enjoy the toy. I mean, how much do you look at what's written on the tamas you have? It's just a matter of memorizing the menus which isn't too hard.
  4. The connectors might be faulty. Try wiping the figure's connectors (I believe they are heart shaped) with some rubbing alcohol.
  5. Also, I feel like I shouldn't speak about this issue since I'm white myself, but I've noticed that a lot of times it's just caucasian people who buy these kits to try to "prove that they're not 100% white"- they think that just because they're like, 1/36 African it suddenly means that they have authority to speak about what is and isn't racist or something. Of course that's not everybody but it is what I've seen.
  6. Giochi preziosi is an European importer of toys, so yes, it is legitimate.
  7. None of these is in English nor has too exciting gameplay (in my opinion, meetses and mixes are all about the genetic mixing and not much else and the 4U gets bland fast without an expensive compatible device). They are fairly easy to use though, as all tamagotchi versions are.
  8. It's a very old render from the TamaTown era I believe, yes. It is interesting that it is being reused!
  9. These test kits are kind of dangerous since they are automatically put into a crime database... It's safer to go to the city hall of your birthplace and ask for a genealogy tree there honestly. Genealogy is indeed interesting but I'm not that interested in mine, even though my immediate family is very, very small, since I don't know my father or my father's family side.
  10. It was released, in Japan.All releeases are in Japan first. It will be released in the US sometime later. So I doubt there are plans for a connection yet, not until Japan does it first.
  11. I’d say that unless it’s a person that’s known and trusted in the community, I’d be wary, but probably as long as you use paypal it should be alright.
  12. Sadly it doesn't prove anything. We've been told to wait and see with wink faces for years now, though before that it was always through email. I don't think they will do a connection re-release at least until Japan does it, though Japanese connection are so different from English connections it would be more difficult. Except for the v1 since those are pretty much identical.
  13. Isopropyl alcohol is your best bet, though vinegar also works.
  14. I mostly play Cookie Run nowadays.
  15. I don't think there are money codes, I think games are the only way to make money. Could be wrong though but I think codes are only for buying items in the version. Your character gets an allowance every time they grow up.