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    Tamagotchi, video games, dolls (Monster High, Ever After High, BJD)

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    P1, 2x v1, 2x v2, 3x v3, 2x v4, 2x v4.5, v5, v5.5, Music Star, Tama Go, Tamagotchi Friends, Oden-Kun, Hanerutchi 2, Entama, Uratama, +Color, iD, iD L (incomplete, will update later)
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    v3, P's, Entama
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    Kuchipatchi, Kuromametchi, Makiko
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    M!X Melody Ver. 4U

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About Me

Hey there.

My name is Viktor. I'm from Poland.I bought my first tamagotchi in 2006. Few years later, through discovery via google and other things, I found several Polish forums and websites that were tamagotchi themed. It was probably the biggest part of my internet life to be honest. I slowly started to collect tamagotchis since then.


I don't have many interests, actually. All I do is sitting on the internet or playing games. I'm currently really into Ace Attorney (a new game recently came out!) and faintly into Undertale, as well as the Persona/SMT games.


I recently came to terms with who I am. I am a trans man, and that's who I've been my whole life, I just realized it pretty late. But I still enjoy "girly things", because gender roles don't interest me.


I'm currently suffering from depression and I'm trying very bad to enjoy things I used to like.

I can sometimes sound rude, and if I do, I'm sorry. I never mean anything bad by that!


Sometimes I might take long to answer PM's, that's because I find talking to people very intimidating, so sorry.