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    Meet or M!x? First color Tamagotchi

    I think you meant Meets there, Hoky!
  2. Jhud

    Magical Witches

    I think the rare people who have the whole set mostly got them on Yahoo Japan Auctions, as I never had any luck to catch them on Ebay. You're right, they look super fun and its intriguing for me how they are in English! It's a shame Bandai hasn't rebooted that franchise yet, as they were at least important enough to be a part of the Digimon universe- Wizarmon is from the Magical Witches universe, and that's not just him.
  3. Jhud

    Same sex tama marriages

    This is "normal" Zukyutchi, a male character, found on the V4 and EnTama: And this is Ura Zukyutchi, his female counterpart from the Uratama Town, found on the v4.5 and UraTama: While Ura characters are separate from their "classic" counterparts, Ura Zukyutchi is the only one whose gender differs, and basically Ura characters seem to represent either their mirror images or what they are on the "inside". For example, Ura Mametchi is all about playing pranks while our Mametchi is serious, and Ura Kuchipatchi is hardworking, unlike the Kuchipatchi we know. However it doesn't seem to be that way when it comes to female characters - they seem to be just made more feminine and more "extreme". Ura Zukyutchi basically takes Zukyutchi's personality and overblows it, like with the female characters.
  4. Jhud

    ROM Versions

    Might be because it sounds like "kupa" which means "poop" in Poland, while there's no Polish version of the game I'm pretty sure it was still sold here so they made this decision, just guessing though. Regional changes are indeed interesting!
  5. That does sound VERY odd... I would avoid using the daycare as the function seems to be buggy - some people have reported that their teen characters have stopped growing altogether after using this function. But I don't really have a solution, sadly. Maybe try resetting it? You'd lose everything sadly but that's the closest to a solution I have (that potentially might not work). It's too bad that since we are not in Japan we can't really contact the customer service... Let's hope that some people in Japan do report this and that it gets addressed.
  6. That's not just Brazil, most countries don't sell tamagotchis anymore. The new 20th anniversary re-releases are mostly Japan, US & SOME parts of Europe (+UK) exclusive. And even then they are hard to find outside of Japan and US. As crazy as it might sound, there is just not big enough demand for them anywhere else. Even for the West they have been brought back just because of the whole nostalgia craze going on now. I'm from Poland and there have been no tamas being sold ever since the original Friends came off the shelves.
  7. Jhud

    Meet or M!x? First color Tamagotchi

    M!X and Meets are very similar, but I think I enjoy Meets more, though be vary that this version so far has been proven kind of... buggy, there are some issues some people are having but they are not pernament. There is an app that comes with it so that's convienent (though it is M!X compatible too, just M!X can't use all the functions), pets made a comeback, the characters are pretty interesting too, and there are small things like the ability to have twins. As a whole imo neither M!X or Meets have a HUGE amount of content compared to some previous versions BUT I think Meets has more. Here is also a handy color version comparison guide, however it doesn't include the Meets yet: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1eDsMjBL2_gl7dOHoB3VqZurn7dFgszCp/view
  8. Rechargeables die quicker than normal batteries in general, though, imo. My M!X can last a few weeks/about a month while Meets barely lasted two.
  9. The browned out thing is normal, it just means it's dirty. You can clean it by one of the options in the treasure chest I believe (3rd if I'm not mistaken) As for battery life, yes, some people have been reporting this problem. It's most likely related to inclusion of Bluetooth technology in such a small 2xAAA battery operated toy.
  10. Jhud

    V4 generator in 2019?

    Sadly no, there's no way. If there was I'm sure we'd have a EnWarehouse style generator by now, with how many talented programmers we have in the community. The item passwords aren't the same as they don't change.
  11. Jhud

    V4 generator in 2019?

    Yeah, I totally forgot that these codes were dependent on the username. Entamas and Uratamas don't have an username function, that's why they still work fine.
  12. Jhud

    Bad battery connection?

    Try using some isopropyl alcohol on a q-tip. My Osutchi had this problem but it's fine now.
  13. Jhud

    V4 generator in 2019?

    From what I know the v4 generator NEEDED the website's servers to be still up to function, once the servers were shut down it stopped working. So it's kind of a lost cause now.
  14. You just have to keep trying. You have to keep feeding them the treat at least 6 times but it can take more than that.
  15. I used the Lemon Pie at the restaurant and then the Ice Cream in the Sport Plaza (or however that sporty town is called).
  16. JapanYouWant often has pretty good deals, as ebay is full of scalpers. They sold a Devilgotchi for about 120$ once- granted, it was on sale as it had stripped screws, but that's a common issue for said version, as it's the reason it was discontinued so early. Generally, a good advice is to not jump at any offer and just wait for a good price. Sometimes some facebook groups offer pretty good deals too. I'm lucky enough to live in Poland where people generally haven't caught up with the fact that Tamagotchis are collectibles, so while seeing them on auction sites is fairly rare, I can get pretty good deals- I've snagged a v2 for literally a dollar once, and generally I got most used connections for not more than 10$ like this.
  17. I have no clue what you're talking about. And yes, 4.5 is a very good version! One of the best connections, in my opinion.
  18. hwd45 gave an EXCELLENT run down for all the requirements, and then even more than that. I can only give a few corrections here and there: NOT similar to the v3 at all, and has in fact LESS things to do. Only similarity is the shell and some characters. Pretty sure it has less characters too. But it does have some unique functions. That's more accurate than above, though to me v4/v4.5 and Entama and UraTama are completely uncomparable units, aside from their shells and some characters. There is about the same amount of things to do between them, some features are removed, some added. Oden-kun functionality wise is similar to either Tamagotchi Plus or Keitai, I don't exactly remember. It's also worth nothing that aside from the buyable pierces, the P's also has custom downloadable deco pierces created by the community, called VDPs. They consist of completely new and original content as well as translated, fully-free content from the pierces. You can see VDPs here: http://mrblinky.net/tama/vdp/ Of course, there is also a english patch. 4U/4U+ has an NFC connection function, HOWEVER not every NFC phone is compatible with it, only a few models work. Also, the original app has been long discontinued, Mr Blinky's translated and improved app is still running however. In general the iD, iD L and P's line have introduced IRDA downloads, all you need is an old phone with IRDA compatibility to get brand new content on these devices. I'd urge to look at Tamagotchi Wiki pages on them. I could write a comprehensive guide of all the differences of color versions but right now I have no time, HOWEVER there's a handy guide, I wish it was passed around more than it is: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1eDsMjBL2_gl7dOHoB3VqZurn7dFgszCp/view
  19. I'd just let it die instead of resetting, since then you'd keep everything you bought and unlocked.
  20. Jhud

    Need Help W/ Meets App

    Setting the payment method as "none" worked for me, it never asked me for banking information.
  21. Jhud

    My Gudetama won't die

    Just stop taking care of him altogether, after a day or two he should be dead.
  22. Jhud

    Same sex tama marriages

    I'd vote for removal of gender in the toy altogether. I mean, it's not necessary. I think the child deciding what gender they would like their character to be adds more to creativity and imagination (really don't like the feature of new Hatchimals for example, where you not only just hatch it but also learn its gender. Why can't the child just decide for themselves). Besides, it's not like any of the tamagotchi characters gets pregnant after getting married, the egg just... appears. And not like designs matter, the nature of the M!X makes for very androgynous looking characters, anyway. Plus, it would be loads, loads better than them deciding to make Chamametchi an adult in a few color versions.... Ewww. She's a CHILD in the anime, people! Iirc Gudetama in Sanrio M!X is genderless, yet most people assume Gudetama is male for some reason, so I mean, it wouldn't be all that shocking to implement. And it wouldn't go "against nature" either- there are various species of animals that can mate and produce offspring regardless of sex, most notably the Mexican whiptail lizard, whose species is all female. Let's not forget that tamagotchi characters are... fully sentient aliens. I kind of not like bringing up Japanese values here, though. Yes, Japan is not the west. But LGBT is not... a "western" idea. It exists everywhere. I live in a country that's even more conservative than Japan, yet we are considered the "west" too. It's worth noting that Japanese people are not much into the idea of marriage altogether anymore, even heterosexual one, because married couples are literally looked down upon, ESPECIALLY women. Yet the government is pushing them to get married to produce children, because the society is getting old. Thus a lot of cis gay couples are publicly called "valueless". At the same time, there is a place in Tokyo that has the largest amounts of gay clubs in the world. Also... While yes, same sex pregnancies in humans are not possible (well, aside from the experiments regarding making biological children of two cis women possible, using bone marrow), let's not forget that transgender same gender couples with children exist. And Tamagotchi has dealt with subtle references to transgender people in the past (I consider UraZukyutchi one- yes, I know Ura characters are whole different characters, but I think the reference is there.) As for earlier Sims references, Sims 4 now has the option for any sim regardless of gender to be either able to impregnate others or get pregnant as a nod to transgender people, which is honestly the only reason I still play the game anymore.
  23. Jhud

    ROM Versions

    I'm pretty sure the Hair gel/Honey and Tools/Bubbles is just an Europe-USA difference, rather than the difference in the ROM itself. The item names in the Europe versions are different, and another difference is that the foods have NO names under them.
  24. Jhud

    usb LAN adapter?

    LAN has nothing to do with anything in tamagotchi... Tamagotchi has no access to the internet. None of them do. It has to be IRDA Transfer, and I don't reccomend getting a dongle for that because they barely work and they're expensive. An old IRDA compatible phone is pretty much GUARANTEED to work and costs about the same. These cheap IRDA dongles you can find on ebay won't work because they're just for remotes.