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  1. Yeah it takes surprisingly long, since they're still Vintages, even if they're Connection-sized. Have fun with them!
  2. I haven't run my Mesutchi and Osutchi pair for very long, but I do remember it taking a quite looong time to evolve, way more than most modern versions would. Have they evolved yet, since you've written this post?
  3. That is unknown. I'm not sure which European countries got the P1/P2 Re-releases or minis, but the ones that did probably will get the On, eventually, unless the sales of the re-releases were poor there. For what it's worth, it's probably going to be released in the UK.
  4. Wrong, there WERE stations for Friends, only in Europe though. RaTamaZone has one.
  5. There’s no jewerly in any other version than Friends anyway. I think special jewerly is unlocked by a certain amount of Bumps and also through these special station things?
  6. It IS going to be about 60$, which is a big price for the US market, then again, toys are getting more and more expensive and toy reviewing is all the rage nowadays, maybe it won't do so badly. We'll see if some tama-youtubers will get a testing unit like they did with the Minis.
  7. 1. Yes, only PC with Windows 10. No infrared, it uses Bluetooth, which most modern laptops have (if yours doesn't using a dongle also works) 2. They are other people's characters, if they refuse they probably simply are not interested in the offer. Most people use the app to get rare genes. Though I think there are some NPC in-app characters to marry too, like Mimitchi, though I heard these are also hard to marry for some reason.
  8. Why is the box so big?? Japanese color releases specifically are rather economical, meanwhile this looks as if it could fit two tamagotchis... I am quite curious though. I'd sell my Meets and buy these instead but if this is an US/NA only release then getting it imported would probably come out to be more expensive than importing one from Japan was.
  9. With Meets it is a bit easier to get better mixes since other than the mercy of the built-in characters to marry you also have the MyMeets app as well as the official mobile app. And AFAIK the random resets usually happen when a new baby is born so guess it wouldn't be that bad.
  10. That's kind of misleading. Not every tamagotchi has bugs, Meets is especially notorious for these, in fact, otherwise bugs in tamas are rare, and sadly resets don't fix those in the Meets. If you want it I'd go for it, it's still a good version even despite the bugs. I mean, for a version where the only real goal is mixing, I don't think the random resets are *that* game breaking.
  11. I have both and it's hard to say. They are very similar. I do prefer Meets from the M!X in a way, but there are also the bugs (though none of them have occured to me so far). Meets also has a MyMeets app and even the normal Bandai app so you aren't "locked out of" Japanese-only content, unlike with M!X. But IMO there are better colour versions. If I had to choose I'd go with Meets, for the twins, pets, apps, etc, but be aware of the bugs.
  12. You’re not supposed to reset the whole device when your character dies... You’re supposed to just press A+C when it happens. Resetting the whole thing is quite wasteful. Unfortunately, unless you find a device that can connect to the app and send EZGOTCHI to your 4U, there’s nothing you can do.
  13. 1. Maybe they’re food items? 2. You have to wait a while and then press a button, I think. 3. That’s normal in mix and meets versions. They’re just animations, at least in the meets you can skip them (just spam C button until it goes away). You can’t really do anything with them.
  14. In Pokemon's case, Pokemon is a more or less gender neutral franchise (it used not to be though) so the balance of designs is important, however Tamagotchi in japan is a heavily girl's franchise now (...and it used not to be!). That's probably why they keep pushing the cute factor. Though some less memorable characters do fall into the ugly-cute category, and it's the characters that nobody wants- usually male characters in versions like P's and and iD L. I remember nobody liking the male charactes in these versions. However due to the mixing thing it's meaningless now, though there are a few "pure" characters that do fall under the ugly-cute too. No duck plants sadly, though. That said, it's super funny to see people have a complete aneurysm when they get an "ugly mix" as if it was the end of the world. It's almost sad. Personally my favorite feature will always be the preschool-school-work system from the v4-v4.5, and also Entama and Uratama. They're two different systems but mixing them together would have been nice. From newer versions I enjoyed the dressing up feature. Oh, and also the items! I think they were the best in the Connection era. Simple but at least almost every one had a different animation, while most color tamas just go for a set of stock animations with different items. Very few have their unique animations... and even when they do I think they're a bit over the top. Sometimes I just want a simple jumping rope animation!
  15. Actually I heard that on discord, but I know video you mean, pretty sure it's the same person. I don't think it's completely impossible, there have been some insane thrift store finds people have had over the years and tamas are relatively hard to do research for. The original owner might have had their collection taken from them involuntarily for some reason. Considering how people who recall original vintage tamas from their childhood often don't want to pay the "insane" price of a little over 20$ for one because they genuinely don't think it's worth that much speaks for itself.
  16. Yeah, EVERY proxy service has a service fee. I recently won a Digimon washi tape for about 5$ (which in itself is a steep price for a tape but I really wanted it), but with all the shipping fees (because you have to pay TWO shipping fees! For the item to be shipped to Buyee and then to your country) and service fee it came up to be like... 20$. For a tape. I kind of immediatelly regretted it lol. But oh well. But really I wouldn't get my hopes up for one of the rarest virtual pets that exist for such a low price. I know someone who cried from happiness for having to pay ONLY 100$ for one in a pretty poor condition, that's probably the cheapest I've seen it go for. Well.. Except for someone who apparently got it at a second hand store for like 5$, but didn't like it so they... threw it in the trash. Because they didn't know it was rare. Yes, it happened. I don't understand throwing anything that works in the trash? So they kind of deserve it lol. But that's one less magical witches on the market...
  17. Most people buy used, at least when it comes to older versions. There's really no reason to buy a NIB one unless you find a good deal, are VERY sensitive towards scratches or are a NIB collector. That said when it comes to Meets it's better to buy NIB. If you see a cheap used one it's probably glitchy.
  18. Well, you have to understand this is a rare toy. One of the rarest Bandai virtual pets, if not the rarest. Maybe you won't pay them that price but most people will, lol. This is what comes with this hobby.
  19. Compared to ebay, they go for FAIRLY reasonable prices on yahoo auctions. Not 1000s, but 300-400 or lower is a common price. Which is still a whole lot, but not a threshold we haven't been used to when it comes to rare versions, like Devilgotchi or Yasashii.
  20. Yeah, they're more common in Japan since they're exclusively from Japan (despite being in english). So they don't show in ebay often, as they are both rare and also Japanese collectors don't know that there are western collectors for those at all (as ebay really isn't a place Japanese people sell to others Japanese people) so it's best to look on sites like Yahoo Japan Auctions or other Japanese auction sites.
  21. Yes, a new one. There is a process of switching to a Japanese app store once you make the new Apple ID as it doesn't happen "automatically" per say but if you find a proper tutorial how to do it online it should mention it. Look for guides for Japanese mobile games.
  22. You can find Russian Friends on Russian sites. Non-english European countries rarely use sites like ebay, since you actually need a credit card or just PayPal to use it, which is pretty unpopular in some parts in Europe. There might be a Spanish one too, as I think I've seen one, though I might be confusing it with the Portuguese one. Poland never got a tamagotchi in Polish, because there was no reason to- most kids know English at least partially, this is true for a lot of other parts of Europe too. So there's no need really to patch one tama into so many languages. Japanese isn't hard to read (well, it looks difficult at first, but I mean, doesn't Russian look difficult to read at first either?), but either way... TF isn't a Bandai Japan release, it's a Bandai Europe release. Yes, those are separate- just because it's an original Tamagotchi by Bandai, doesn't mean that Bandai Japan worked on it. There is no Japanese Friends to my knowledge (though there is one with Japanese package- it's in English however), 4U were made in Japan while Friends were made in Europe (and then came to the US) as kind of an "answer" to that. Japanese tamagotchi releases are all different to the English ones- none of the English versions were released in Japan, and none of the Japanese ones were released in the west.
  23. You need a Japanese Apple ID first. There are tutorials on how to do it online.
  24. Sadly I haven't, I've only ever watched the anime in Japanese.
  25. Since most links on Tama Zone are dead and there's not much left on youtube, I wouldn't have that much hope to find these episodes now. :x As far as I am aware I don't think the dubbed episodes ever got a DVD release that would make them easily rippable. There's a big compilation of the dubbed episodes on YouTube which I'm sure you've seen, and they don't include these episodes, there must be some reason for that.