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  1. Same here. I never had a problem with 10. It seems like a lot of people are just very unlucky. As for me, no, I've never used Windows 2000. The oldest version of Windows I'm familiar with is XP. But it's because I got my first PC fairly much later than most people my age did. But before upgrading to 10 I had Win7 and 8.1. I'm glad 8.1 is over, that was one version I really hated. My first laptop had Windows Vista though so I'm pretty immune for "bad" OS I think.
  2. MyMeets is a PC program, not an app. People keep calling it an app which gets confusing. It's not the official app and you don't need to be in any specific location to use it. As for Itunes if you're trying to use the OFFICIAL app, you have to keep trying, it sounds like you just didn't do something right while setting it up - when you login onto your new Japanese itunes account, the appstore doesn't automatically turn into the right appstore. You have to set it to the right one, but I don't remember how. But even without that, you don't need any app or program to marry off your tama. You can just do the "traditional" in-device marriage.
  3. I use Dropbox the most but mostly for moving things from my phone to my PC and vice versa (not a fan of iCloud). I have some "heavier" things on Mega and also a few things stored on chomikuj.pl (a polish cloud site).
  4. Fire Emblem Three Houses as well. I am absolutely loving it so far, previous titles didn't hook me in as much as this one. I hope the future titles will be at least as good or even better than this because I'm pleasantly surprised. Though I've also been playing Dai Gyakuten Saiban.
  5. Why wouldn't nightmares be included in something for kids? It's not like they're actually scary (they are funny if anything), kids deal with this kind of stuff just fine. I've seen this nigthmare and I honestly wasn't freaked out, though it might be because I'm quite desentisized to a lot of things... Kids watch horror movies because they like them, and hey - FNAF is very popular and it's aimed at kids, it's very rare for kids to be actually scared by the games and most of them will clutch plushies of the "scary" animatronics very happily. Besides tamas CAN have good dreams too, not just nightmares.
  6. Not for me, since I have this odd thing where I have to enjoy something at the biggest screen possible, so I usually try to play my Switch on the docked mode otherwise I feel like I'm "missing out". I guess I'm kind of an excessive person and I always try to get something with the largest amount of features possible, I'm not proud of it lol That said, I'm happy that Nintendo made one. Wish it was cheaper than it is though, it's only like 100$ cheaper? But guess it's understandable. A lot of people who couldn't afford the original or didn't find the concept too accessible can get one now! That does make me happy. Since I have sworn to get every Animal Crossing hardware out there, if the bundled hardware with New Horizons happens to be Switch Lite, I will get it. The original plan was to get the hardware bundle and sell my original Switch to a friend, but it will be Lite I will keep both of them. The original Switch isn't all that handheld friendly considering how huge it is so I would use the Lite for trips where I'd be too nervous to take my normal Switch.
  7. Thank you for the pointers! That sounds like lots of fun ^^ I might grab the 3DS games first as I can find them second hand for cheap, then I might pick up the Switch version. Will definitely say what I think of the series once I actually play them!
  8. I've never played any Kirby game but with how much love this guy has been getting lately I'm quite intrigued. They are a cutie. What game would you reccomend to a first timer? I kind of suck at games where you actually have to put effort into something, so especially platforming games, so something entry level would be nice.
  9. Mimitchi was breedable in the app, there's a possibility they might make an anniversary version in the future.
  10. No need to be rude, this thread is from MARCH, back then we had no idea about Tamagotchi On.
  11. Nah. The Anime is not airing even in Japan anymore so Tamagotchi Meets (and thus, On as well) is not associated with any anime, it would make little sense for them to suddenly dub the anime (that has like 400 episodes in total). The various anime series were tie ins with certain colour versions like the iD, iD L and P's. There are a few dubbed episodes from way back in the day though.
  12. The answer is simple - Tamagotchi ON has been released early in Hong Kong. Not only it but also the English version of the Digimon 20th as well. HK usually receives most English model releases.
  13. M!X can connect with Meets. These two can't connect to the older versions like P's though because of the completely different programming they have. But a P's can connect to iD L and so forth, so yes connecting between versions is usually a standard unless the programming differs a lot.
  14. That might be Digimon. The clock trick works on my Meets but it seems that if you press any button after a prolonged while it will just leave the clock reset screen as if it was never there but the character will be completely fine.
  15. I really don't think that pressing A+B would work since this is not -just- an English tamagotchi, it's a localized version of a Japanese tamagotchi. So only the clock change trick will work. Japanese versions never had a pause function, I doubt they'd put one in ON since otherwise the programming has not changed. Likewise, the v5 is a localized version of the Familitchi and it also has no A+B pause function, only the travel channel. ...I really don't know how this would have happened, your 4U must be heavily glitched. The type of LCD screens tamagotchis have aren't capable of burning-in an image like old CRT monitors used to, besides the screen turns off whenever you're not using your tamagotchi. It really shouldn't happen and isn't a common enough problem to scare people off from pausing their tamagotchis.
  16. No, it's totally fake. They're not necessarily lying by calling a replica since they're not claiming it's real, but no, it's nothing like the original.
  17. Congrats!! You are one of the most helpful members on this forum, glad to see you getting a promotion, and hope it means you'll stay around
  18. Animal Crossing New Horizons is probably my #1 awaited title right now. Pokemon Sword and Shield too but to a lesser extent (love Pokemon games but Animal Crossing will always be especially special to me!). Aside from that, I guess the new Fire Emblem Three Houses game looks pretty good, I already preordered the collector's edition. Dragon Quest XI and Seiken Densetsu 3 remakes also have piqued my interest so I'll be grabbing them even though I have never played these games before. I'm excited that I will finally have games for the Switch that I want to play, because honestly, while I've had my Switch since launch... I haven't played on it much because I just pretty much am not into any of the major released games so far. Aside from Animal Crossing I'm not a fan of core Nintendo releases.
  19. No. On can only connect with On. And it doesn't have NFC, 4U can only connect with 4U and 4U+.
  20. Most people aren't big fans of it, myself included. Doesn't compare to meets or m!x obviously because those are complete outcasts because of the mixing mechanic. It doesn't actually have a full english patch, it only translates menus, I think. But yeah, I'm not a fan of it because of how bare it is without downloadable content, and means to get content on them are quite annoying. There is no teen stage anymore and the school and skill system is a bit weird.
  21. Oh, I love the 4U+ themed one! And it's from Spain too, so the shipping isn't super expensive! I will get it definitely.
  22. I know a person who got a NIB v4 in a second hand shop (don't think we have charity shops but a second hand shop is smilar, right?) for a little over a dollar. It's probably one in a lifetime chance, but it's possible. And it's recent too! However since we're from Poland it's probably a special case because less people know how much tamas are worth (it's very easy to snag an used connection on auction sites here for just a few bucks, unlike ebay). I know that a few years ago second hand store finds of tamagotchis weren't super uncommon. However the chances of finding a vintage is more or less a lottery, I'm afraid.
  23. They're selling them in 10,000's because it's a wholesale listing, those are for sellers. I remember seeing this fake looong time ago, I kind of regret not getting it back then.
  24. It just takes a while to evolve.
  25. That just means they're burping. I don't think it means anything, probably just that they're well fed.