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  1. Lord Valphius

    What's a random fact about you?

    I'm bored and I love Pizza!
  2. Someone gave me a Girls Destiny Star xDDD
  3. Lord Valphius

    What are you listening to now?

    "Earth Angel" The Temptations!
  4. Lord Valphius

    how old until u should stop playin with

    Tamagotchis are like Movies. You watch a good movie, get bored of it, move on. Then you think back and you head to you're movie shelf and pick it out once again. Or so it's been with me. I stopped playing with Tamagotchis around age 16 or 17, then I saw an AD for a music star in 2009, headed to Target and saw one...I said. "I remember these!! I WANT ONE NOW!" Went and bought it.
  5. Lord Valphius

    How do I get the Sports Outfits?

    Ah, Thankyou. Close this please!
  6. Lord Valphius

    How do I get the Sports Outfits?

    Dang, I only see 4 outfits for Mametchi. I don't see the green shirt one. Dangit.
  7. Lord Valphius

    How do I get the Sports Outfits?

    I'll check it out, thanks!
  8. They aren't in the store from what I can see...and everyone has them? Where are they?
  9. Lord Valphius

    What version...

    I'm thinking about buying a P1 or P2 Tamagotchi, I found a gold colored one in English.
  10. Lord Valphius

    Go TAMA ghosts! =P

    I mean, this is one of the coolest hatches [[And my FIRST]] to enter, It sounds so thrilling actually. Thanks OldSchoolTama!
  11. Lord Valphius

    I just remembered something...

    I like Butch, Brick and Boomer! They're my favorites! XD
  12. Lord Valphius

    Good first-time tama

    Still, I've had mine for a year now. Maybe that's why...xDDD
  13. Lord Valphius

    Go TAMA ghosts! =P

    OMG I HOPE THERE IS STILL ROOM FOR ONE MORE! < ---- ---- *Prays to the Tama King* I'll be using a Music Star. I like high maintenance Tama's.
  14. Lord Valphius


    I've been playing with Tama's since 98. And I'm a d00d.
  15. Lord Valphius

    Lucid Dreaming

    I can actually close my eyes, and If I'm relaxed, I'll see visions while /awake/. NO lie, But it doesn't happen to often. Like...I'll close my eyes and see fuzz and then the fuzz turns into an animation of sorts, then I open my eyes and am in shock. It's fascinating.