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  1. For the past month or so I've been running 3 different original tamagotchi (P1 and P2) trying to get a secret character, which is something I've never succeeded at before. Many people have said to simply get Maskutchi/Zuccitchi and then take perfect care from there. Others have suggested these different variables: - Discipline 100%, but take average care - Discipline 100%, with one or two care misses - Discipline 0%, take average care, but no care misses - Discipline 75% - Keep a low weight - Keep a maximum weight - Feed no snacks vs feeding snacks Etc. But I'm starting to wonder if there are more requirements to getting a secret character... Do you need to take certain care when they are a baby? Does the care of their entire life cycle matter? I would appreciate advice or input of any kind! Has anyone successfully got a secret character by way of taking certain care at other stages? Does babytchi care matter?
  2. (I apologize if this has been addressed already.. I tried my best to find the answer) About how often do P1/P2 and other 90s Tamagotchi lose hearts after their baby stage? Is there data on this somewhere? Supposing I don't want to let it drop lower than one empty heart, how often should I be checking it?
  3. Scroll over to the heart icon in the top right corner. You click on the 4th selection ( ダウンロード ) at the same time that you're sending the file. I don't know if you know or not, but you'll need an infrared device to transfer things to the Tamagotchi iD. (I use a Sony Ericsson phone by transferring files via bluetooth to the phone, and then files from phone to Tamagotchi via infrared).
  4. Apparently someone's selling them on ebay now- Can't be sure if it's 'legit' or not, but I'd suppose that it is... (link): " JAPAN BANDAI TAMAGOTCHI ID STATION PLUS PINK NEW " It's more or less $100 (USD) though. (YIKES!!)
  5. I'm curious about what people think of Tamagotchi Nano and things that are unique to it.
  6. You can't get him as a character on Tamagotchi iD, but you can see him while playing the "Go Go Slot" game.
  7. I guess the best reason (or excuse) I could make up is the whole stereotypical idea of "girls play with dolls", as in they like to take care of things (or whatever), whereas the boy stereotype is like "boys like fighting", etc. (I personally don't agree with these ideas, but I assume these could be reasons for this whole thing to evolve this way). Apparently, just after the first Tamagotchi came out they created the Digimon Tamagotchi targeted for boys. But it's weird because I do remember when the first Tamagotchis came out EVERYONE had them. All the boys and girls at school played with them. It was 'the thing'. haha. I guess I do sometimes notice the recent Tamagotchi Connection versions having "girly" and "boyish" designs. I wonder the statistics of boys/girls (and their ages/locations) who play Tamagotchis. I think there's a lot more than just "little girls" who play with Tamagotchis. Hahah. Anyways, you have an interesting question here.
  8. You should stop playing with Tamagotchi once you're too old to see the screen anymore. ...Or when it starts interfering with real life. Don't let that happen.
  9. I was going to suggest Angelgotchi as well. It's one of those fun older ones. I see them for about $30 on ebay, which I admit is kind of a lot, but isn't terrible. Angelgotchi is a nice addition to a collection. As for the "newer" versions of Tamagotchi, I think v1, v2, and v3 are my favorite. I didn't like Music Star very much. The one that I'm REALLY in love with is Tamagotchi iD (Japanese). The problem with that one is that it really is pretty expensive. I got mine last year for the holidays because I couldn't get myself to spend the money on it. (P.S. I'm a 22 year old girl as well, Haha! There sure are a lot of us here!)
  10. Yes, but the little "interactions" are different from connecting iD to iD. For instance, when one character visits the other, it doesn't show up as that actual character that it is (since each version has a different set of characters). And as far as I've noticed, you can't receive 'real' items from connecting them, it's basically just animations (minus receiving mail sometimes). (edit): Sorry if that sounded confusing. The basic answer is yes. It can also connect to Hexagontchi.
  11. Do we know if this will work with the newer versions of Tamagotchi iD that are coming out soon? (like "Melody Crown" & "Lovely Music")
  12. The "pixel" ones all look pretty similar... I feel like the differences between them are really minimal and not really noticeable. It seems like the vote is mostly just between the first, second, and the ones that follow. But anyways, I'd go with the first one. It's straightforward and more noticeable with that outline.
  13. RxBunnyz


    A few years ago, my cousin introduced me to Klonoa 2 for Playstation 2. It quickly became one of my favorite games ever, and I'm a huge fan. But apparently it's kind of uncommon, and it seems like a lot of people actually haven't heard of it. So who has played it and what do you think?? (I've only played the second one all the way through. I played the first for a bit when I got a chance, but it's rare to find and expensive, so I don't own it). P.S. If you haven't played Klonoa before, go check it out!!!
  14. I just started playing magic this past year. My friends who have been playing for years finally got me into it, haha. But I ALWAYS use white in any decks i build. I used to have a white/blue, but I took it apart and made a white/red. It actually works REALLY well. LOVE IT! And btw, what's with all the new stuff? Like the plainswalkers? I have a few of them and have played with them, but it seems like they keep coming out with new and confusing ideas! hahaha.
  15. I have a lot of favorite bands but to keep it short, one of my very favorites is the Japanese band "MUCC".