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  1. I have a Character Sheet made you can view it here: Zyren's Profile
  2. Sounds Awesome I like raiseing Tamagotchi and collecting figurines, the new Tama combines the both, It's like a Tama-Dream come true!
  3. I bought one of the Tamagotchi movie packs and got a V6, The Movie, and 3 Tama-figurines! The move was great!
  4. This is the Weirdest thing I've ever seen on a Tamagotchi... I was in my second Generation and going strong. My Tama, Zara, had just evolves into Chantotchi, my favorite Female Character. The time had come for her band to meet up, evolve, and go to thier first Audition. So I clicked the door Icon and her band evolved and met up with the teacher, the judges where bought in and the left to start thier preformance. But the preformance did not happen, Instead Zara was back at home and had changed back into an egg. It still showed my instrumant and toy, but Zara was an egg. Moments later the Egg hatched into a Male Petichi. When It asked me to name it, Zara's name was already there. What was worse is all of my Gp and items were missing and I was back at the Frist Generation. Any Ideas What happened?
  5. Who here likes Spectrobes?!
  6. Music From Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood... What? I'm Multi-tasking I'm playing my DSi and Tamatalking.
  7. Seeing as I only have 3 Human friends and we rarely get to gather Ever since I Grudated, My Tama is the only one Who'll listen to me... So yeah, Tama = Buddy
  8. I was about to log in to Music city I had not entered it yet...