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  1. why hello, spank is still going strong. his stats are: 4 y/o, 34 lbs hungry: xx happy xxxx stress: 30 (oops! ) tone/rythm/original: all 999 hip hop music Cake got 2 awards yesterday. One for first ranking in pop, and one for first ranking in hip hop. but then their fans went down to 69,000,000 and i was like and now its back up to 117,428,072 so i now im like also, i was sick yesterday and i forgot to pause spank while i took a nap , and when i woke up he was asleep but his stress was at fifty anywhoo, (yes i still use that word ) gotta go! tama_luv_333 p.s. i forgot how to write in color. just picking what color you want doesn't work for me . send me a pm with the answer. thankss!
  2. christmas because i get tams at christmas
  3. Oh. my. gosh. it's been SO LONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i recently rediscovered my love for tamas and so im back and better then ever!! needles to say, mikey is long gone but i have a new tama thats fresh as a daisy he is a Shimashimatchi, and his stats are as follows: Name: Spank ( ) Boy, 3 y/o, 32 lb (i know, i know..) Hungry: xx Happy: xxxx Stress: 02 Tone/Rythm/Original: 999 Fave Music: Hip Hop The band's name is cake ( i was thinking about cake when i named it, and i never got any ) They have the 2nd star ranking and 436,404,342 tama fans ( ) i hope to be able to post on a regular basis, and and i seriously doubt anyone will read it but if you do, feedback would be tremendous but .NO COMMENTS. i would appreciate it if you gave me feedback in the form of a PM. untill tomorrow, tama_luv_333
  4. hi. sorry for not updating for so long. schools a B*** anywhoo(: slinky got 2 awards Mikey got married to a chantotchi and they had a baby girl. and thats about it. i have to go do hw now so byeas! tama_luv_333
  5. well helloo!!(: mikey is sleeping. he had 2 concerts today day, and got 1st star ranking but now he's asleep and i have to go to school tomorrow ): so goodnite! tama_luv_333
  6. ok so not too much has happened. i got all mikey's skill points up to 999 and he has 174,655,989 tama fans but he still hasn't had a concert. if any one knows when they have concerts PM me. also, u can just PM me for fun(: ttyl tama_luv_333
  7. hello TT sorry for my last colorless update. i gad to go somewhere and was in a hurry this update will be long and colorful. maybe not too long, but anywhoo (there's that word again[: ) Mikey's star ranking is 9th but he has 45,359,668 tama fans so (: he had a concert but i went to the music icon, selected it, and he went to the door. then i accidentally hit the © button! i was so ticked off! so slinky missed their first concert. i hope their next one comes soon. anyways ( it's not the same) i have to go eat updating soon, tama_luv_333
  8. ok so this is just a quick update my star ranking is 6th and i have 20,584,638 tama fans
  9. ok so a lot has happened since i last posted so here goes 1. Mikey Evolved into a Shimashimatchi. i like this character, but i miss my little kikitchi(: 2. Slinky(the band) went for there audition and got OOO the first time around! their star ranking is 16th, and they have 19,199,964 fans so i guess there wasn't too much that happened, but anywhoo(my favorite word) and im not gonna do stats, cuz again, im just too lazy(: but anyway, i'll update u more when things happen so bye! tama_luv_333
  10. i bought a rock CD on my music star, and i have a boombox, but it wont let me play the CD! and my character is a teen and a kikitchi, if this has anything to do with it
  11. ok well, mikey changed his favorite music again. it's R&B. again. and im not doing stats cuz im too lazy anywhoo.. mikey went to music school and formed a band i called them slinky(: so ya. mikey got 3 hearts and a star in the mail. and the king gave him 2000 gp. but thats really all the exciting stuff that happened i'll update again tomorrow ttyl tt tama_luv_333 p.s. im writing in gray because where i live it's raining
  12. so mikey changed his music to rock n roll again. this little guy just cant make up his mind(: anywhoo ttyt tt(talk to u later tama talkers) tama_luv_333
  13. so. mikey evolved last night, into my favorite character: kikitchi!! and he changed his favorite music to latin music. here are his stats: Name:Mikey Gender:Boy Charrie:Kikitchi Weight:21 lbs. Age: 1 Gen: 1 Hungry:**** Happy:**** Stress:08 Tone:176 Rythm:236 Original:260 Music:Latin Intrument:Guitar Toy:Robot well there's not much going on in life right now so untill next time tama_luv_333
  14. who wants to take a wild guess at what mikey's favorite music is??? yup.. u guessed it.. it's R&B again anywhoo, mikey is sleeping but here are his stats Name: Mikey Character: Kutchitamatchi Hungry:**** Happy:**** Stress:24 Rythm:194 Tone:164 Original:254 Music: R&B GP: 3540 hm.. i really need to get his rythm and tone points up.. well im off untill we meet again, tama_luv_333
  15. So miss. frill came and mikey is now in preschool! also, mikey changed his favorite music again, and now its rock n roll. untill next time, tama_luv_333