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  1. My LeafGreen magically disappeared some years ago. I can't remember when, it's been lost so long! I can't remember anything about my team except that I probably had a Wartortle and a Pikachu.
  2. I go on because I want to see my Pokemon on the computer. I think it's really cool to see something from your DS on your computer. I put my Umbreon from my Platinum on recently and he looked awesome. I also like how you can get Pokemon and items from it.
  3. So much school stuff going on...I had Language Arts and Math finals today and I had to take my Science test because I was absent yesterday. Take all that and add the fact that I found out that I got into Honors English before I was fully awake (8:40-ish. My school starts at 7:44). So...that's what's going on with me. I have a three-day weekend, two school days, and three months before I'm a 7th grader officially!!!

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      You know you want to click it.

  4. Sorry, reading your signature made me think of the line xD

  5. You shouldn't have done that.

  6. I am now in Victory Road! Fast, right? xD Anyway, my way new and improved team is... Kyfeon (Umbreon) Level 100 Espeon (Espeon, duh) Level 100 *Japanese Vaporeon - I have no clue what his name is, but I think it's just Vaporeon.* Level 100 Lampent (Lampent) Level 55 Fluffee (Whimsicott) Level 45 Rufflez (Rufflet) Level 34 My sister PokeTransferred Kyfeon, Espeon, and Vaporeon from my Platinum for me!!! And guess what? Not only did I almost die of a cute attack when I saw their sprites...but they ALL got PokeRus. She also transferred Giratina, Rotom, Uxie, Suicune...all those good legendaries...from my Platinum, and none of them had PokeRus! Kyfeon, Espeon, and Vaporeon didn't have PokeRus in Platinum. They were just regular Pokemon living their lives. Does anyone know what caused this? Also, I have White version. I got Fluffee over the GTS. DO NOT QUESTION KYFEON'S NAME!!!! XD
  7. I must update!! My team is... Lampent level 52 Audi Level 30 something. (Audino) Osha Level 40 (Samurott) Ducklett Level 26 (He's my flying slave...that's why) Chino Level 23 (Minccino) ... ... ...I can't remember my last Pokemon!!! >.< My Pokemon are not under-leveled as much as Lampent is over-leveled. I have six badges and am stuck in the [sarcasm] wonderful [/sarcasm] Twist Mountain!
  8. I'm playing Blue version, but it's just my hack slave. My team? Missingno. XD Pokemon Yellow is entirely different (so is Saphirre, but that's a different story...). In my Yellow version, this is my team: Mr., the level 16 Nidorino Sparkee, the level 10 Pikachu Pig, the level 11 Pidgey Nida, the level 5 Nidoran (the girl one) I last saved on Route 3 in front of a Youngster. I assume I beat him. And in Saphirre... Swampert, the level 61...POOCHYENA! No, jk, Swampert is a Swampert Kira, the level 27 Doduo Lin, the level 28 Linoone Sumo, the level 27 Vulpix FIREFOX, the other level 27 Vulpix Psyco, the level 28 Psyduck (a.k.a. Caitlin's HM Slave >:3) All games on here except Saphirre are ROMS, but I did play a Blue cartridge when I was like 6.
  9. Just turned my Pokemon Heart Gold on!