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  1. It's been a while, but Happy New Year everybody.
  2. No suck ups, cash only.

  3. Sorry but music stars are the big hit right now.... I tried locating a V5 or 5.5 but I have had luck. I reccomend a music star since they're the tamagotchi that everyone's talking about now.
  4. Actually guys... there's actually a pattern going on here. In the V3 you get a girl if you accept the mate on the first time. If you don't then the next time the matchmaker brings you a mate and you marry, then you get a boy teletchi. For V4 and 4.5 it's the same. What version are you talkin about anyways?
  5. If you have any other life cycles for any other tamagotchi versions you are more than welcome to post it right here in this topic. (This is just a notice) Thanks!
  6. I really dislike runescape now.... But I used to be practically obsessed with it XD My guy was lvl 81, username was Icup342, Search me on the high scores!
  7. <3 Arceus! Hes (actually dosent have a gender) like the strongest pokemon in platnium! I also like flygon, my main pokemon, and oh yeah blaizken
  8. Havent seen that show in a long time.... All I can do is watch the old ones on YTV on demand My favourite character is probably umm...... I dunno theres so many to chooses from Anyways its an awsome show!
  9. Hey TTers, so I was out buying a tamagotchi music star at Wal-mart, Squareone.(you might be familiar with this place if you live in Ontarion, Mississauga) Sadly my attempt failed in both Wal-mart and Zellers Do you have any suggestions of where I can get a tamagotchi music star? Wal-mart was sold out and Zellers didnt sell tamagotchis anymore If you have any ideas don't just stand there, type in your suggetion of store and help me! Your help is greatly appreciated as I always say Iam desperate for a music star!
  10. Spongebob is an alright show for me XD Its not bad, whenever its on I usually just go watch it cause its really fun to watch spongbob do something stupid with patrick
  11. Hey TTers, Anyone whos reading this post has got to watch the lazer collection 1-3. Watch it on youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d3ZYF-Zmo2E There it is! Click on the link and watch the video and send you comments back to this topic And those who have seen the lazer collection alrrady post you comments here ASAP!! Thanks everyone XD
  12. There was another topic posted by enso with almost the exact same question. Why dont you go check that one out instead, it has more comments. And tamagotchi brush their teeth usually in the morning and when they are about to sleep in the night. Its not a big deal, just fun to watch
  13. Pyonkitchi is a squirrel like creature, and like mametchi123 said its impossible getting it on the tamagotchi version 4.5. You can only get this character in v3 and v4. Pyonkitchi counts as a universal character in the tamagotchi v4,but in v3 you have to take perfect care of your tamagotchi to get a pyonkitchi in the odd generation. Sorry if you really wanted to get a pyonkitchi
  14. What version was it? Probably like one of those other stuff when tamagotchis brush their teeth and take a bath, and when you press c the resume to their bouncing. Not much of a probelm. Check the date and if the dates on december it should be the christmas trees like sailormoon said or it could be a snowman
  15. Check if your battery is the CR2032 model. If it isnt then go out to buy one of them. If your battery is CR2032 and your music star is resetting itself then you should once again take the battery out and blow on the insides.