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    I love playing soccer, writing, roleplaying, making AMVs, watching anime, reading, and drawing :)

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  1. appledotango


    a British boy band or something.
  2. appledotango


    I like their song "What Makes You Beautiful", only because it's just a sweet song in general. Otherwise, I can't get into any of their other music..
  3. appledotango

    Best anime openings?

    I really like the Angel Beats opening!
  4. appledotango

    South Park

    My dad literally quotes South Park at least ten times a day. Sonce they have so many episodes on Netflix, my brother, dad, and I are working on watching them all! My favorites are Chinpokomon, Child Abduction is Not Funny, and It Hits the Fan. Kenny and Tweek are probably my favorite characters haha
  5. appledotango

    Favourite Youtubers?

    paint and desandnate/capndesdes <3
  6. appledotango


    I myself love watching AMVs and I make them in my spare time. Do you have a favorite AMV? Favorite editor that you believe needs more views? Or do yourself make AMVs? It's hard to pick a favorite honestly, but I can't stop watching this one:
  7. appledotango


    Lmao, pretty much, something along the lines of that. Oh! I forgot a scar on my left wrist. I fell out of a tree and it got cut up pretty badly. XD
  8. appledotango


    I have one on my left arm from a big burn, all ofer my knees from accidents when I was little, and one under my left arm from an infection. They had to lance it and it hurt like crazy. The doctor told me afterwards, "I'm sorry sweetie, but if you wanted to be an armpit model, those days are over for you." That was the only upside to it all. XD
  9. appledotango

    What Are You Wearing Right Now?

    - Black soccer shorts - Understuff - Black tank top - Those awesome rubber bands, a bracelet my friend made me, and some hair ties. - Contacts! I think the tank top and sports bra duo looks pretty dandy. not really, I probably look like a dork (:
  10. appledotango

    What Pokemon are you?

    Q1: Jirachi Q2: Bulbasaur Q3: Espeon Q4: Butterfree Q5: Rapidash Q6: Water Q7: Pink yuuuuck
  11. appledotango

    What Song/s Describe Your Life atm?

    I love that song. That's one of the songs that describes my life right now.
  12. appledotango


    Yeah, I've been playing since I was four years old. I'm 14 now, so that's ten years. I'm on a premier team and its our second year together. I looooove soccer. :3
  13. appledotango


    mametchi_luver - FarmVille is a game on Facebook where you grow crops, raise animals, harvest trees, things of the sort. Simply putting it, you are raising a farm, It's fun and pretty addicting. (:
  14. appledotango


    Hi! I accepted all of your friend requests. Do you guys want valentines or horse stable accessories or what? I'll send you all some gifts.
  15. appledotango


    Haha, okay. I'll add you on both accounts of mine. -if I can find you.- DX