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    I love playing soccer, writing, roleplaying, making AMVs, watching anime, reading, and drawing :)

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  1. finally sixteen years old :)

    1. Orandatchi
    2. xXMysticXx


      Jealous- Got about a month and half left

  2. I'm back to stay for a while :)

  3. a British boy band or something.
  4. I like their song "What Makes You Beautiful", only because it's just a sweet song in general. Otherwise, I can't get into any of their other music..
  5. I really like the Angel Beats opening!
  6. My dad literally quotes South Park at least ten times a day. Sonce they have so many episodes on Netflix, my brother, dad, and I are working on watching them all! My favorites are Chinpokomon, Child Abduction is Not Funny, and It Hits the Fan. Kenny and Tweek are probably my favorite characters haha
  7. If you mean my avatar, it's Haruhi and Mori

  8. haruhi and.....and.. bleh i forget name

  9. Ew, school :(

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    2. Tama_Muffin


      Tommorow T^T


    3. sweetpea40998


      I'm looking foward to school starting, actually. :)

    4. Graycefox


      I cannot wait for school:] Yippeeeeeee.

  10. appledotango


    I myself love watching AMVs and I make them in my spare time. Do you have a favorite AMV? Favorite editor that you believe needs more views? Or do yourself make AMVs? It's hard to pick a favorite honestly, but I can't stop watching this one:
  11. Yes, I am! I missed roleplaying here

  12. And you brought Athea with you, :)

  13. Lmao, pretty much, something along the lines of that. Oh! I forgot a scar on my left wrist. I fell out of a tree and it got cut up pretty badly. XD