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  1. 150702 coffretchi got married, then i got yet another baby girl who grew into yet another petithanatchi. why does this keep happening to me TT_TT
  2. 150628 petithanatchi -> neotchi -> coffretchi! this is my third coffretchi in five generations, so i'm not super happy about this, but coffretchi is cute so it's okay. 14/60 jewelry pieces collected - getting there, slowly but surely!
  3. 150626 both of my tamagotchis got married today! pipotchi got married, finally. i don't think i'll run this tamagotchi for another generation. its adult stages feel so long and boring. then mametchi got married to i-don't-know-what-this-tamagotchi's-name-is today! they had a baby girl, then they left after about an hour. the baby girl evolved into petithanatchi. i'll probably keep running this tamagotchi, because i'm not really 'tired' of the tamagotchi friends... yet.
  4. 50623 i woke up and i had my first boy adult character on my tamagotchi friends! mametchi is a cutie :-)
  5. 150622 my tamagotchi friends became a turtlechi, then he woke up past his bedtime last night to evolve into a teen, then went right back to sleep! turtletchi -> bokuhoshitchi! this is my first male on this tamagotchi so i'm pretty excited! i wonder what he'll grow up to be! i only have 8/60 jewelry pieces collected, i really need to play some more games and get more pieces so i can unlock a game! i'm thinking of buying one of the wave 2 tamagotchi friends, the dream town ones. i'm going to see if i can check hot topic today to buy one. my unnamed tamagotchi on my entama passed away. i really don't have the time to be checking up on the entama and all of its hourly animations and visitors and such, so it's probably for the best. i don't think i'll run a connection for a while.
  6. you're making me want to get the dream town version, i only have a regular tamagotchi friends!! nice start to your log, i think i'll check hot topic for a tf dream town today.
  7. 150620 today i popped the batteries back into my tamagotchi friends, tama-go, and entama. last i left off with my tamagotchi friends, i had a 3rd generation coffretchi. today she went to the dating place and married a kuchipatchi, then she had a son. next i put the batteries into my entama, and i reset that one. i'm going to aim for a mimitchi, although i'm horrible at the intelligence-points game. lastly, i downloaded my tama-go. i left off at a generation 5 pipotchi. the tama-go is really hard to get pictures of, from what i've noticed. [
  8. 150423 shigurehimetchi got married this morning! after that, she had a baby boy then left, then i paused my id l and tamagotchi friends because i'm going on a trip this friday/saturday and i don't think i'll have time to care for my tamagotchis during the trip. hopefully on my trip i can stop by toys r us and see if there's any tamagotchi friends dream towns or whatever they're called on sale, or buy a battery for my entama!
  9. @Watashiwatchi thank you! 150422 today was a long day. my tamas didn't receive very good care because i was taking an exam almost all day. but luckily they are still both alive! sabosabotchi -> coffretchi, i had this tamagotchi for my first generation. kind of wish i'd gotten a different character. i got shigurehimetchi's third happy seal! i should be getting the fourth one tomorrow morning when she's been an adult for 48 hours, then i'll send her off to the matchmaker and we'll be on generation two!
  10. 150421 i woke up this morning and both tamagotchis i'm running had evolved! petithanatchi -> neotchi. i like this character! i think i had her the first generation. my first generation was a coffretchi, and my second generation was a harptchi. hopefully next generation i get a male! i only have 8/60 jewelry collected on the tamagotchi friends. i really need to step it up, i'm bad at all three games that the friends starts out with. sabosabotchi -> shigurehimetchi. this is my first time having this character. she's a cutie! i like her a lot.
  11. @MametchiWarrior thanks! 150420 today wasn't very eventful. my tamagotchis came with me to school. i put them in a little thirty-one baubles case i received for christmas. paletchi -> sabosabotchi then my petithanatchi should be evolving as soon as she wakes up tomorrow morning.
  12. 150419 hello! my name is sidex, i've been on tamatalk and tama-zone for a while. i always get tired of tamagotchis and put them away for a few months or so, then i eventually begin playing with them again. so here i am! i used to have quite a tamagotchi collection - every single US released tamagotchi version, but i sold just about all of them. now i only have a handful of tamagotchis left. the most recent version i own is the ID L. i left off at generation 3 of my tamagotchi friends. pinkbotchi -> petithanatchi, then immediately fell asleep. as for my id l, i was at generation six, i believe, when i accidentally reset it while changing out the batteries. something funky happened. anyway, back to generation one. momoirotchi -> paletchi. finally, both of my tamagotchis sleeping while i study for college history. i can't blame them - this class makes me feel like sleeping, too.
  13. can any of you suggest vpet apps for the iphone?
  14. i decided on starting up my puzzle pieces v4.5. this is probably my favorite out of all of the tamagotchis i have, both design-wise and version-wise. this is also the tamagotchi where i've had the longest-running generation [i think it was at 15 or so, which isn't very impressive but whatever] her name is 'yui'.