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    I'm 14 years old girl. I love rain and chocolate! I also love writing, reading and drawing. And here is some more of my interests:
    Music: I LOVE music! I've played piano for half of my life and I'm going to start playing guitar. My favourite band is Red Hot Chili Peppers which is the best band EVER and if you agree with me... Agree with me.
    Tamagotchi: As you can guess, I love tamas. Here's my list of them:
    2x version 1: They're old but they work!
    2x version 2: One of them is broken.
    3x version 3: I lost one.
    3x jinsei: We threw one away.
    1x jinsei plus: Works perfectly!
    1x familitchi: Works.
    1x music star: Works.
    1x tamagotchi plus colour: My favourite tama which is running sometimes...
    And I'm maybe going to get Tama-Go if it comes to my country.
    And I'm so sorry about neclegting my tamalog! Too many things to do... (translation: too much simming to do...)
    SIMS! I hate to say it but... OMG! I LOVE SIMS! Really, I mean it. Lately I've bit neglected my tamatalk account 'cause I'm playing The Sims 2 all day long. :] But now I can't play my The Sims 3 nor The Sims 2. The Sims is in good use. I have all the expansion packs for TS2, none for The Sims and Ambitions and World Andventures for TS3. Now I'm just playing the console version of The Sims 3. And I've might said "sims" couple of times too many...
    Knitting: Knitting is fun! Have you tried it? I have knitted 5 socks, 2 shirts, mittens, many scarfs etc.
    LittleBigPlanet, Layton, Mario and Pokémon games: We have:
    3x DS and one of them is mine!
    1x DSi (it is dad's)
    PlayStation 3
    And I play with them sometimes But these (look up^) are my favourite games.

    And I've written way too much...

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    I have no idea! Maybe TMGC+C.
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    None. But I'm going to start using one.

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  1. Well, every Sims-player was excited when the new Sims 3 appeared. (I don't blame anyone, I was excited too. ) But after that, does anyone play the Sims 2 anymore. I prefer it before the Sims 3. In my opinion the Sims 3 has ugly sims and it's somewhat more boring than the Sims 2. Does anyone agree and play the Sims 2?
  2. Sorry for not posting lately. I've been too busy with my Sims 2. I have all of the expension packs. Anyway, my tamas have been paused so nothing has happened. Now I use my Familitchi and it still has the meme family in it. When I was writing that last sentence and my tamas evolved! Now I have Memetchi and Imotchi. Ps. Sorry about typing mistakes. I'm in hurry. AND we have THE SINGING TEST today in school. I'm really stressed about it. Wish me luck!
  3. Sorry about not posting for a while. I've been busy. That's also why I had to lose some tamas. My tamas (I'm mostly using v.4 and v4.5) are pretty much paused in school, because other pupils found out that one of my friends had tamagotchi and they're like: "I had tamagotchi on third grade, who uses it when you're on seventh grade?" etc. etc. Let's have a silent moment for my friend...
  4. At least the prefence changes a lot. Don't worry, it's normal! But I don't know about auditions. Maybe you should just practise even more. (I know that this sounds insane.) Does it have a good stress level? And you said that ýou use the toy button to get different music prefence, right? Playing with toys weakens your tamas playing skills, so be careful with it.
  5. Do you mean that you've had, for example two meme parents (Memepapatchi and Mememamatchi)? That doesn't nesessarily mean that you have pure family (pure families have only two eggs, so if you had more, they're not pure families). Here's how you get a pure family: Mame family: To get Mamatchi, train your boy child with smart items until he reaches 80-100% bonding. Then get 100% bonding and marry him with Chantotchi. Meme family: To get Memetchi, train your girl child with cheerful items until she reaches 80-100% bonding. Then get 100% bonding and marry her with Mumutchi. Kuchipa family: To get Kuchipatchi, train your boy child with easy-going items until he reaches 80-100% bonding. Then get 100% bonding and marry him with Yonepatchi. Violet family: To get Violetchi/Furawatchi train you girl child with smart items until she reaches 40-70% bonding. Then get 100% bonding and marry her with Sukatchi. But if you're 100% sure that you had pure family, did you know that the pet only appears in sertain animations. You can also see it when you check your family type (pet is in lower right corner).
  6. At least in Tamagotchi plus colour, there is times when they poop and lose hearts. But I don't think that chart is worth doing. I can't find it useful. And Pink Memetchi, I don't think it's random, because then they could poop either every second minute or once in a day. There's must be built-in schedule for babies, toddlers, teens, adults and oldies. But, like you said, it's easiest to pay attention.
  7. Nemu came to the party and danced slowly to the table with all the food on it. He drooled all over the table and when he reached his hand to grap something to eat, someone came right in front of him. He was Young Mametchi. "What are you doing?", he asked. "Go aw...", Nemu said, but then he heard terrible noise from the roof. Music and dance stopped and all eyes were in Kuchipatchi.
  8. My Memetchi married Mumutchi and now I have meme family! YAY! It's baby time! I have babies in my TMGC+C, familitchi and v4.5. It's a lot of work. I'll try to grow them up and write again. And by the way, this is my 100th post! It's time to celebrite!
  9. It worked, you were probably right, it was a glitch. It worked again!
  10. ^Well, sorry about last post, I was busy. YAY! IT'S FRIDAY!! And I found my v4.5! I resetted it and now he's baby called Totom (I used the name generator). I WANT kuchi family, so if I guess correctly, I've a lot of resetting to do. As said, my TMGC+C is currently paused because of babyness, but I'll maybe find some time to use it because is FRIDAY!! My familitchi is probably soon ready to marry, but I have to get 100% bonding first (pure family). I'm going to be in tama & earth expo with my familitchi.
  11. So it can be about pausing, I think. You should watch will the next generation get money.