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  1. hello all. would someone be able to tell me what kind of battery the 1990's Tamas use? i'd like to pick one up but have no idea what i'm supposed to look for! thank you very much.
  2. the Akai is probably my least favourite Tamagotcgi. it's cool looking, but those red pixels are so hard to see!

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    2. oddsandendswithlove


      how do you do that sailor?

    3. whisperofaghost


      sorry Carol_tama, i'm not interested in trading away my Akai. i see there's a very reasonably priced one on ebay, though.

    4. Eternal Mametchi Fan

      Eternal Mametchi Fan

      My Akai hurts my eyeballs D:

  3. started up my v3 instead, she's being a cutie

  4. i used to work at a very strict call centre. we weren't allowed to have anything at our desks and were always trying to find ways around that rule. if i was wearing a sweater, i'd usually hide my Tamagotchi in my sleeve when supervisors weren't around and play with it under my desk. i've also hidden them in my bra and on one occasion, in my sock.
  5. i started playing with Tamagotchis when i was 15 and started to seriously collect them when i was 21. that was ten years ago and i've amassed a lovely collection since then. i kept the packaging for my Angelgotch and Akai, since they were Japanese, but the only other Tama boxes i've had were for Connections, which i threw in the bin because they're not pretty and very common. i keep the instructions though. i love collection Tamagotchis because they're something that makes me very happy and nostalgic, and because they're really fun. i've had times where i've run 5+ pets at a time, but right now i'm only focusing on one (soon to be two once i get another battery though). i'd really like to have all the different coloured Angel Tamagotchis in my collection, because they are my favourite, but i'm pretty happy with the two that i already have. i'm 31 now and i don't think i'll ever stop collecting, or sell my collection. it means too much to me.
  6. decided to start up my Keitai

    1. Eternal Mametchi Fan
    2. Counting Bodies Like Sheep

      Counting Bodies Like Sheep

      I think the keitai has the best characters of all non-themed tamagotchis :)

    3. whisperofaghost


      she's so cute :) i'm really happy i went with the Keitai to break my Tama hiatus.

  7. hi, everyone it's been years since i last played with my tamagotchis (seven of them, in fact) so i decided to go through my collection and pick one to play with. i've narrowed it down to the Connection V3 and Ketai. when i last played with these pets, i remember that a few times a day around Christmas, a christmas tree would show up and hang out with your pet for a bit. does anyone have any information on this? (if i'm remembering it correctly, times/dates, what other versions this happens on)? thank you very much for any help you can provide.
  8. i love my Tamagotchi ancestors, they're my favourite of my collection.
  9. definitely the Angelgotchi/Tamagotchi Angel. i own one of each and i think they're just the sweetest things.
  10. i'm 31 and i've been playing with Tamagotchis since i was 15. i'll never get rid of my collection. every so often i get the urge to play with one, so i do.
  11. i find that a nice purse works well for my collection. i keep my two Angelgotchi's on display, and the rest live in here.
  12. i'm definitely getting an angelgotchi tattoo sometime.
  13. help! my best friend's little girl got a Tamagotchi for Christmas, but her baby boy droppped it into the sink and now it won't work. does anyone know if this is possible to fix? i took it home with me and i'm going to unscrew the back to try and dry it out, but i was wondering if there was anything i could actually do to fix it. thanks