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  1. I'm quite fond of dance gavin dance , i almost saw themm live but i had no ride/:
  2. Christofer Drew , Andy sixx , Oliver Sykes <3
  3. Hey John whats your name again? - The devil wears prada
  4. 1. Chemical kids and mechanical brides - Pierce the veil<333 2. The sadness will never end - Bring me the horizon 3. The only exception - Paramore 4. fifteen - Nevershoutnever 5. damned if i do ya(damned if i dont) - all time low 6. xoxo - Nickasaur 7. My apocalypse - Escape the fate 8. Scene girlz - Brokencyde 9. What is love ? - Nevershoutnever
  5. ^ I love you . But all of those bands are goingg to be playingg in one daaay per city n' suchh ??o:
  6. Mono ? Giiiiirrl , who youu been kissin ?;D & Katie , youu bad child !(:
  7. For stevie wonders eyes only - Bring me the horizon <33
  8. Losing it - Nevershoutnever <33 I love this songg with a passion<33
  9. The only exception - Paramore I'm loveingg this song rigght now<33
  10. I discovered them afew months ago & now all my friends are startingg to talk about them . Andy sixx is gorgeous i may say;D and i like the general sound of their songs . Knives & pens has to be my favoritee
  11. I use it for every picturee , if i dont edit somethingg , then it's ugly .
  12. Woahh, i listened to that songg like 5 minutes ago ;D Noww; My apocalypse - Escape the fate
  13. What am i doing walkingg home in the first place ?? I live in sin city for god sake o: I would walk away slowwwwlyy and not think about it .
  14. I haven't play it since last year !o: So i startde playing it again afew days ago. Im glad with who's in my town tho ; Mint - Been in my town forever. I'll never let her move. Roscoe - Pretty awesome horse dudee thing ;D Tabby - Adorable Margie - She's cuuute Tangy - Love her ahahaa Lucky - He's cute Frogbert - Needs to move Pecan - Needs to move I really want to acquire Tippy or Whitney. Or a koala. I like koalas... xD