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  1. Hi im back{again!}My new tama,is Stella.She is a baby and says hi.Illl see ya's later,mmmkai?ok i need to go to the park.Ill update when something important happens ~Lizzi and Stella
  2. So as you can see,Im back, now officaly 10yrs old(Oh yay *sarcasm*)Geez,the older I get, I have to go through oldness-Argh! Ummmm mikki ur getting a wittle teeni tinni bitt awf tawpic*rollseyes* Totawee! So,the one in hotpink is robyn and the one in crimson is taylor.Wayy to tomboy Am Not! Robyn is very loud and is lurrrrve wiv music *Taylor srtums silently on her guitar* And taylor is the silent type,and likes music also,but more of a classical style,unlike someoneSo ill catch you guys later,so plz keep reading! ~Mikki and the TomboyZ
  3. This is sakura's daughter,Alexa. Hello! Stats: Alexa 0years 10LB Hearts max 26stress 303/313/298 RockNRoll Mic Horse 5gen Hitodetchi 2000p Hayly Happiness!Great to be back on tamatalk! Keep reading!
  4. Omg,Im back every one!Woohoo!
  5. James the evil one.Muahahaha
  6. You Like Zelda?My sister does.Her New Account,is tokyo blossom.She gave me this onee!Anyway,Edward Cullen
  7. My New account,~TokyoBlossom~ is making another log soon,but I wont reset!So You can say hi to Sakura Still!And when I do,i will post the fanmail that was meant to be for this log. closes
  8. Mckenna


    Is the best game on the earth!!!!Wo agree's?And who doesnt?
  9. Hitodetchi!!!!Yeah,go sakura!!
  10. Disagrree wats so funny? Lots of people are overrly obbesessed with Twilight
  11. yes,they are fun,im almost on my 4th gen!I recommend Techno Sound,the black one
  12. Im really bored so yeah.This a quiz.Credit goes to Lady Shay for giving me the Idea. Name: Age: Personality:[please Choose] -Sarcastic -Humourous -Bubby -Strong -Sensitive -Quick Temepered Fav Color? Fav Pass time? Are you into cars? Motorbikes? Are you Twilight crazy?
  13. IDK But your eyes still shine... Like pretty lights.....
  14. He got married!This is layla,the memetchi,and Sakura,there little daughter!I couldnt decide between cherry or blossom,cherry cuz i was watching pokemon and blossom cuz thats my midddle name.My brother was watchig a movie called "Naruto"And I asked him who the girl with the pink hair was and he said sakura.I asked what does that mean?And he said cherryblossso.OOh!I said and then he said your tamagot marriedam I rite And I said yuh.My likes are:Zelda,Pokemon,MewMewPower,Sonic,Mario,Tamagotchi!
  15. Ummmm did I meantion my tama is a MusicStar
  16. Tooshie Tooshie BumBum!!! <--------------Writing a childens story lol 4 mah 5 yr old sis
  17. 212.Stand on the counter and pull your pants down so everyone can see your tooshie. 213.Swear at the shopmanager for lack of tamagotchi's 214.[if walmart has a bell]walk in and ut of the shop to annoy people cuz of the noise