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  1. go to and try the tamatowns there they 100% work no matter wad kind of v4 or v4.5 tama u have
  2. no lol bcuz if anyone finds me he/she must've lucked out its kind of like a "treasure hunt" game lol
  3. i think ur tama band will get chosen randomly but just keep practising like violetchiluvr said
  4. gifting random instruments to evry1 who is online in tamatown who speaks to me and be my friend starting from now on (of cos, i need to be logged on lol) my tamatown ID : DA3234
  5. seems that u all are right, i;ll check back sometime later
  6. nice idea ringotchi but i tthink like tinkalila said, they definitely are not going to pay attention on us :'( OUR HOPES ARE LOST ON TAMAGOTCHI
  7. Alright I tested tama-go by feeding previous gen food/snacks and nothing went wrong for my tama-go
  8. but remember the time when Bandai adds a violetchi village into tamatown?
  9. i dont know y but ever since my tama-go went out of batteries and i replaced the new ones the remodel shop doesnt seem to have rare remodels anymore, its just the 4 plain common remodels pls help
  10. my younger brother's tama-go got wet so he put out his tama-go to dry, but he forgot to take back in when it started to rain so it's all wet again LOL
  11. doesnt happen to my v6 music star be4 , but u can fix it by reseting it, or changing the batteries, thats all i can help
  12. really? sounds scary , will it happen to tama-gos too? pls reply ty im scared