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  1. This is their family. Tony and his wife had work every day and left it up to me to take care of Tommy the baby They got back late when Tommy was asleep and left him forever. When he woke up he knew his parents left him and didn't care about it. He was now a teen ager and was dating girls. He was good looking but he didn't have good moves on them. Here is one of them. Before and After Soon he found the one and marred her. They had twins. Here's Tommy's family Read the next chapter to find out more!!
  2. This is Tony and this is his life. He was a very good boy when he was little and still is a good man He grew up alone, because his mother aboned him He soon aged into a teen ager and now gained his beauty. As soon as he was an adult he got a job and worked succsessfully He marred a wife and then they had a baby This is the baby Read the next chapter to find out the rest!