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  1. remember, everyone is kawaii on the inside (◡‿◡✿)

  2. Same! I really don't know a lot about it, but ya gotta love them themes. 8D

    ( The only game I've played is Embodiment of Scarlet Devil, and I haven't even gotten past third stage yet. D: )

  3. Burnt my pinky. D'awww. D;

    1. memetchi <3

      memetchi <3

      Hope you're okay! :(

    2. Peanut05


      Ouch. Poor you!

  4. Happy BELATED birthday! :o =W=

  5. Krystalia, I'm just... I've missed you so freaking much, man. ;w; Life's been hard on the both of us. :[ School's off for me this month, so I'll PM ya back soon, okay? PM's from you make me happy ~ =W=

  6. Is it your birthday? Happy birthday. :)

  7. Heeey ~ We talked on tumblr. :D

  8. I've seen HMC almost exactly a year ago; I might rewatch it soon ~ c:

    Well uh, I've been good! :D Kinda busy with my tumblr these days- acting annoying and picspamming people's timelines... |D I never knew you fenced! I wanna learn. >W

  9. KENZAAA ! Hey. :D

    I'd have replied to you on twitter, but for some reason it won't let me tweet. D:

    Anywho, I followed you. :)

    I never knew you liked Howl's Moving Castle !

  10. asdfjkl;asdfjk, I see Kyubey. :o

    PMMM fan, yes?

  11. I just realized... Today's my third TT birthday. :D

    1. sweetpea40998


      Happy TT Birthday!!

    2. mametchifan1996


      BELATED Happy TT Birthday!

  12. Happy birthday, my dear Bethyyy.

  13. ... Love your About Me page. x3

    What is it? Some kind of Homestuck thing? 83

  14. ... Is in sadness. Her Angelgotchi has stopped working. ;v;

    1. B e t h y <3
    2. paislypuppy


      that's horrible! TT^TT

  15. Has the hiccups. :( *hic*



      Oh, don't get me started on them! I get them at the weirdest times of the day, and far too often for my liking xD

  16. Hi, Beffykins ! 8DD How are you? Been good? c:

  17. Thank you for the birthday wishes, Krystalia !

    I haven't forgotten about our PM's, okay? I will PM you as soon as I can. ;v;

  18. MRS HENDERSON. :D HEY. Thanks for the wishes ! I spy your birthday next month. :')

  19. Aw, you're too nice ! ^_^ My birthday was great, thanks for the wishes ! :)

  20. Hey ! Just wanted to drop by and thank you for the birthday wishes, OST ! =]

  21. Saw your profile comment and just wanted you to know that I appreciate the birthday wishes. ^_^

  22. Thank you for the kind words, TM ! ^_^