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  1. Granted , but domo takes it . > I wish for a new scarf :]
  2. YOU ALREADY ARE. I would like to be good at maths. A different maths teacher. To become fatter. etc
  3. No, but I'll be getting them. My teeth are incredibly messy. ):
  4. My name is Vanessa, I'm from Venezuela and I sell vuvuzelas 8]
  5. What do you like in a guy/girl?: Your Love Is My Drug How do you feel today?: Speechless (o__o) What is your life's purpose?: Jump What Do your friends think of you?: According To You What Do you think of your parents?: Heartless (Oh yeah! 8D) What is your motto?: Never Say Never What do you think about very often?: Halo What is 2+2?: California Gurls What do you think of your best friends?: O.M.G. What do you think of the person you like?: If We Ever Meet Again What is your life story?: So What What do you want to be when you grow up?: When I Grow Up (wtf?) What do you think of when you see the person you like?: I Know You Want Me (xD) What will you dance to at your wedding?: Untouched What will they play at your funeral?: Need You Now () What is your biggest fear?: Brown Eyes What is your biggest secret?: Unwanted (D:) What do you think of your friends?: Chasing Cars
  6. Paranoid 54% Schizoid 30% Schizotypal 62% Antisocial 50% Borderline 42% Histrionic 54% Narcissistic 50% Avoidant 34% Dependent 34% Obsessive-Compulsive 34% Hmm... okay.
  7. agree agree agree. And I absolutely hate the new like button. D:< Bring Back 'Become A Fan'!
  8. Ditto. And FML have comics. They're funny.
  9. Every morning now, Richard and Matthew have war with the year elevens. We threw stuff over the hole above the door and they threw apples back at us. Me Maria, we called it the apple runway. x3 And Maria's taking photos of everyone. There's this one of Jianshi with his poofy hair. We were like, 'look at his hair.' And Richard, he sat on the handrail of the balcony to try and get through the door, which was pretty dangerous as we were on the second floor. In maths, there was this HUGE spider above me on the ceiling, and it kept moving. Freaky. Ohh and cross country. I came 9th in the 12 yr old girls but there WERE only about 9 girls. I still made it to zone, though. ;_; In history, Lucas said that he stole Red Bull off his dad and Maria's just like, "I want some!" And he was like, "yeah but my dad will get angry." We were just like "If you stole it off him, wouldn't he already be angry?" And he just shrugged. xD And Maria was keeping her can of coke under her table. I moved and accidentally hit the can and some went onto the carpet. She used her sock to wipe it up. I was just like, oops. Yeah. Good times, good times.
  10. ^ Maria. You've only had yours for a few days yet you have a hundred more tweets then me. I really need to go on more often :S