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  1. dazzilitchigirl

    Tamagotchi fan game! :)

    I can tell you how to resize sprites - double click on the sprite in the menu, click "edit sprite" then look around all the different options for resize. That way you can make Sushigatchi bigger.
  2. dazzilitchigirl

    What are you listening to now?

    Wow why did this thing kind of die after I posted do u no approve of my weird song taste I'm so paranoid about awkward silences after I post Ok then I'm currently listening to I Just Rage Quit by TryHardNinja. I only rage quit once in my life but I love this song anyway
  3. dazzilitchigirl

    Who do you have a crush on?

    I'm afraid in that picture the only thing I see is...TERRIFYINGGGGGGG *runs away screaming* Personally I STILL have a crush on that 16/17 year old boy over the internet. BUT. I may be getting a crush on a 14 year old boy over the internet, we talk a lot (on TeamSpeak when we're playing Minecraft) and we get on really well. He's about a year older than me so at least he's not totally out of bounds...I really hope I start crushing on him soon...
  4. dazzilitchigirl

    Tamagotchi fan game! :)

    EMF, just because you've made a Tama game, doesn't mean nobody else can. Me and SupahCow have just said we'll help if we get more details, so I'm not sure why you're telling him to do it himself. Yes we have done work for your game, but it's not like that's tired us out or anything
  5. dazzilitchigirl

    What Kind of Pokémon Are You?

    Grass rock. Yay. I don't play Pokemon so I have no idea what that means. I just know that I hate grass and rocks.
  6. dazzilitchigirl

    Tamagotchi fan game! :)

    I'd help but as EMF and SupahCow said, we need more details like what style of game is it, what characters, what's the plot etc. I can do sprites or help a bit with programming if I know what I'm doing.
  7. dazzilitchigirl

    Novels: Pictures or no pictures?

    Books with pictures are about 90% of the reason why I waa bullied in primary school; people could see what I was reading and tease me about it. I would always hide books from everyone else. I still refuse to read books with pictures at school even though I'm no longer bullied.
  8. dazzilitchigirl

    Meet Kuchipatchi

    I dare you to admit you're not Kuchipatchi and you're really EMF
  9. dazzilitchigirl

    What are you listening to now?

    #SELFIE by The Chainsmokers. I hate this song SO much but it's so addictive.
  10. dazzilitchigirl

    oddsandendswithloves tamagotchi log <3

    When I first saw these collection pictures, I thought one thing. That thing was: YOU HAVE A LOT OF MONEY. On another note, YOU BUY A LOT OF TAMAS WITH SAID MONEY. I just don't understand how you earn this much money and yet actually have time to run the Tamas you buy with it...CONGRATULATIONS. I like your log and I like your amazing Tama collecting skills.
  11. dazzilitchigirl

    IDL and V4 Log Attempt

    This log is everything mine wasn't. In other words, it's good. I couldn't think of anything to write other than "HEY GUYS MY TAMA DIED AND GOT LOST LOL xoxoxoxoxo". You, on the other hand...so much detail, and it's actually detail worth reading, even for a non-Tama-fan like me.
  12. dazzilitchigirl

    is there any fakes in chinatown in boston?

    If you get a fake, I have an idea for what to do with it: You say in your signature you have YouTube - you should do funny fake Tama showcases so everyone can laugh at the bad-ness of fakes without having to buy one. I would definitely watch that. XD As for whether there will be fakes where you're going, it's pretty unlikely. Fakes are mostly made in China and sold online, not sold in stores worldwide. I don't know though. It's worth a try, but I'll be surprised if you find any.
  13. dazzilitchigirl

    DIET tama or vpet-dont know...

    Several people here know or learn Japanese I'm not one of them but you'll probably get a reply from someone who is, the people who know Japanese are also the most active people here. If you post photos of what the screen says someone will probably be able to translate.
  14. dazzilitchigirl

    Ar u a MLP luvrz or hatrz?

    Wow, that's one of the few figures that isn't a crime against fabulosity. The Rainbow Dash ones are just...NO. 20% LESS cool than...EVERYTHING. (If you're an MLP fan you will have spotted both the quotes from characters in there )
  15. dazzilitchigirl

    DIET tama or vpet-dont know...

    That is not a Tamagotchi, it's a virtual pet not made by BanDai and it doesn't seem to have any connection to the Tamagotchi brand. However it looks like some kind of weight loss thing what with the "diet" label - not sure how a virtual pet can be used for weight loss...nobody here is likely to know how to use it because as you said it's not on the internet. Unless someone here somehow has one, you'll have to figure it out for yourself.