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  1. lol why move? you got pretty high stats here

  2. I have moved to my new account Rainbow Dazz. Please send any messages, comments or friend requests to that account because this one is no longer active. Thank you :)

  3. My new account Rainbow Dazz has been created and is in the process of being set up! :D

    1. Eternal Mametchi Fan
    2. The Ultimate Doomer

      The Ultimate Doomer

      And you've already started to block others on that account for no reason. ._.;

    3. Rainbow Dazz

      Rainbow Dazz

      I'm only blocking people who tend to argue with, offend or annoy me. Not because I hate them, but because it's better for both me and them to avoid talking to each other. :)

  4. I know my birth time so tomorrow I plan to turn 13 while playing Minecraft. B)


  6. I can tell you how to resize sprites - double click on the sprite in the menu, click "edit sprite" then look around all the different options for resize. That way you can make Sushigatchi bigger.
  7. Wow why did this thing kind of die after I posted do u no approve of my weird song taste I'm so paranoid about awkward silences after I post Ok then I'm currently listening to I Just Rage Quit by TryHardNinja. I only rage quit once in my life but I love this song anyway
  8. I'm afraid in that picture the only thing I see is...TERRIFYINGGGGGGG *runs away screaming* Personally I STILL have a crush on that 16/17 year old boy over the internet. BUT. I may be getting a crush on a 14 year old boy over the internet, we talk a lot (on TeamSpeak when we're playing Minecraft) and we get on really well. He's about a year older than me so at least he's not totally out of bounds...I really hope I start crushing on him soon...
  9. WTF the bathroom in my house is literally covered in gloves there are like 50 pairs of gloves in the wtf I'm scared now lol

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    2. dazzilitchigirl


      K I found out why, my mum runs a gardening club at my brother's school and bought lots of gloves for the kids there to use, then she took them home to wash them. No panic :P

    3. The Ultimate Doomer

      The Ultimate Doomer

      Well, why would there be panic? c:

    4. dazzilitchigirl



  10. EMF, just because you've made a Tama game, doesn't mean nobody else can. Me and SupahCow have just said we'll help if we get more details, so I'm not sure why you're telling him to do it himself. Yes we have done work for your game, but it's not like that's tired us out or anything
  11. Grass rock. Yay. I don't play Pokemon so I have no idea what that means. I just know that I hate grass and rocks.
  12. I'd help but as EMF and SupahCow said, we need more details like what style of game is it, what characters, what's the plot etc. I can do sprites or help a bit with programming if I know what I'm doing.
  13. YAAAAY I AM BACK ON THIS ACCOUNT :D thank you TamaMum for changing my email address so I could do password recovery! :D Still going to make a new account on my 13th birthday in 3 days, it will be called Rainbow Dazz because Rainbow Dash is best pony :P

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    2. Dale8998


      Will you still use this account?


    3. Eternal Mametchi Fan
    4. dazzilitchigirl


      No I will not use this one. The username is bad, the old posts are bad and I just generally hate most of the stuff on this :P