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    my tamagotchis: <br>-1 '97 original tamagotchi<br> -1 v2<br> -3 v3's<br> -2 v4's<br> -1 v4.5<br> -2 v5 familichi's<br><br>favorite food: I'm a vegan, my favorite food doesn't have meat or dairy in it. It's probably <br> either veggie sushi or stir-fried tofu.<br><br>sports: I really like soccer and basketball. :)<br><br>pets: I have two female cats named Oksana and Keira, they are both about 3 <br> years old.<br><br>favorite songs: I really like "Keep Holding On" by Avril Lavigne and "Never Too Late" by <br> Three Days Grace.

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  1. Tamagotchi's Name: Ivy Tamagotchi's Age: 6 Date of Birth: Date of Passing: December 17, 2009 What Generation? 2 Your Comments: You were a great tama with very high skill points! I'm glad that you didn't die, but are happy now back in tamatown. I'll take good care of your son, Danon.
  2. Tamagotchi's Name: Tamagotchi's Age: 6 Date of Birth: Date of Passing: december 17, 2009 What Generation? 2 Your Comments: You were a great tamagotchi! You had very high skill points, you were a doctor, you were a Mametchi, overall you were awesome! I'm glad you didn't die, but just returned home, and I hope you are very happy there. I'll take good care of your son, Dativ.
  3. one time at school, i had my tamagotchi in my pocket. but what i didn't know was that the entennae and keychain were sticking out of my pocket. i was lucky that i had a pretty cool teach at the time, because she didn't take it away. but she said that if she saw it again she would take it away.
  4. Yay! They just had kids after like a MILLION times connecting, thanks guys!
  5. i'm trying to get my v3 and v4 to have kids but they won't! and i tried using the love potion/honey thingy and it still didn't work! help!
  6. i am lame because i am an only child, it SUCKS!
  7. doodle in the margins of your notebook when the teach gets boring! can my cat be a vegan like me?
  8. I'm so sorry! That's terrible! I have two cats, and I couldn't imagine life without either one of them. There's a book that I read, called "All Pets Go To Heaven" by Sylvia Browne. I would highly reccomend reading it to anyone who's ever lost a pet that was very special to them. I can assure you that your cat is still watching over you and he'll never leave you.
  9. I didn't like the v5 much either, because it was hard to get the family to bond. Also, it wasn't fun not being able to name them. I prefer only one tamagotchi on screen. (unless they have a kid, in which case it's awesome to have two! )
  10. Hi people! This is a topic for talking about our tamagotchis' jobs. I have three tamagotchis, one is a news broadcaster , one is a doctor , and the last one is a clown (i thought i was signing her up to be a sports star it looked like a sports arena!). So what jobs do your tamagotchis have?
  11. I would like to thank TamaMum, because I really screwed up on my other accounts and she helped me out.
  12. Congratulations! I hope you have fun with it!