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    my tamagotchis: <br>-1 '97 original tamagotchi<br> -1 v2<br> -3 v3's<br> -2 v4's<br> -1 v4.5<br> -2 v5 familichi's<br><br>favorite food: I'm a vegan, my favorite food doesn't have meat or dairy in it. It's probably <br> either veggie sushi or stir-fried tofu.<br><br>sports: I really like soccer and basketball. :)<br><br>pets: I have two female cats named Oksana and Keira, they are both about 3 <br> years old.<br><br>favorite songs: I really like "Keep Holding On" by Avril Lavigne and "Never Too Late" by <br> Three Days Grace.

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  1. :.:hazelichi:.:

    I'll miss you Ivy!

    Tamagotchi's Name: Ivy Tamagotchi's Age: 6 Date of Birth: Date of Passing: December 17, 2009 What Generation? 2 Your Comments: You were a great tama with very high skill points! I'm glad that you didn't die, but are happy now back in tamatown. I'll take good care of your son, Danon.
  2. :.:hazelichi:.:

    i'll miss you fox!

    Tamagotchi's Name: Tamagotchi's Age: 6 Date of Birth: Date of Passing: december 17, 2009 What Generation? 2 Your Comments: You were a great tamagotchi! You had very high skill points, you were a doctor, you were a Mametchi, overall you were awesome! I'm glad you didn't die, but just returned home, and I hope you are very happy there. I'll take good care of your son, Dativ.
  3. :.:hazelichi:.:

    Tama in school....safe or danger?

    one time at school, i had my tamagotchi in my pocket. but what i didn't know was that the entennae and keychain were sticking out of my pocket. i was lucky that i had a pretty cool teach at the time, because she didn't take it away. but she said that if she saw it again she would take it away.
  4. :.:hazelichi:.:

    can a v3 have kids with a v4?

    Yay! They just had kids after like a MILLION times connecting, thanks guys!
  5. i'm trying to get my v3 and v4 to have kids but they won't! and i tried using the love potion/honey thingy and it still didn't work! help!
  6. :.:hazelichi:.:

    I Am Lame Because...

    i am lame because i am an only child, it SUCKS!
  7. :.:hazelichi:.:


    doodle in the margins of your notebook when the teach gets boring! can my cat be a vegan like me?
  8. :.:hazelichi:.:

    Compliment the person above you.

    I like your avatar and username!
  9. :.:hazelichi:.:

    My cat...

    I'm so sorry! That's terrible! I have two cats, and I couldn't imagine life without either one of them. There's a book that I read, called "All Pets Go To Heaven" by Sylvia Browne. I would highly reccomend reading it to anyone who's ever lost a pet that was very special to them. I can assure you that your cat is still watching over you and he'll never leave you.
  10. :.:hazelichi:.:

    Do you think the new tamas (v5+) such?

    I didn't like the v5 much either, because it was hard to get the family to bond. Also, it wasn't fun not being able to name them. I prefer only one tamagotchi on screen. (unless they have a kid, in which case it's awesome to have two! )
  11. Hi people! This is a topic for talking about our tamagotchis' jobs. I have three tamagotchis, one is a news broadcaster , one is a doctor , and the last one is a clown (i thought i was signing her up to be a sports star it looked like a sports arena!). So what jobs do your tamagotchis have?
  12. :.:hazelichi:.:

    this is so cute

    awwww... that's so adorable!
  13. :.:hazelichi:.:

    Thank you! If you want to thank a tamatalker...

    I would like to thank TamaMum, because I really screwed up on my other accounts and she helped me out.
  14. :.:hazelichi:.:

    Rate the Siggy above you!

    6/10 nice!
  15. :.:hazelichi:.:


    Congratulations! I hope you have fun with it!