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  1. TMGO I have a chuchutchi first gen 2 years old It's a chuchutchi because it unpaused in my bag
  2. Just got friendzoned fron the guy I've liked for over three years -_-

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    2. OldSchoolTama


      *HUGS* I've been there. Same exact length of time as you and all. Don't worry! Things happen for a reason and there are plenty of fish left in the sea. :)

    3. Pink Hippopotumas
    4. plopman88


      Friendzoned too. Well, for me it is more like Brotherzoned.. -_____-

  3. Hey, there! Happy birthday! Have a great one! Long time no see. I hope all is well! :)

    1. Pink Hippopotumas

      Pink Hippopotumas

      Hey, Thanks! I havent been on in a while, have I? Life has been a bit hectic lately :)

  4. Well I shall tell you about my family's pizza but first I will tell you something funny. My mum's friend order's the vegetarian pizza...and asks if they could please add some chicken on XD ANd also, you should call dominos and ask, "what is the number for pizza hut?" or vise versa. My Dada and I make home made pizzas. the base and everything. delish. My favourite pizza that i make mysekf is where one half is a garlic pizza (like a garlic bread, but a garlic pizza!) and the other half is meatlovers where my favourite toppings ore toasted chorizo sausage and boccochini cheese (did not spell that right)
  5. I hate Mondays. I hate the popular group at school. I hate nosy people. I hate Jake Bennison. I hate how I can't get eddicted to something (like tamas) for over a month. I hate knots in my hair. I hate PE I hate people who put others down when the person is really good at it. I hate people who disrespect religions I hate backstabbers. I hate frenemies. I hate school tests. I hate it when someone outbids you in the last second on ebay. I hate it when people tease me for being different. I hate it that the most popular girl at our school thatnks she can do whatever she wants and make whoever she wants as a freind. (They keep trying to 'recruit' me for the popular group) meh, I'll think of more later
  6. I told him I liked him. He told everyone. social life over. BOOM.

    1. The Ultimate Doomer

      The Ultimate Doomer

      You should teach your crush a lesson for him being a blabber-mouth.

    2. i<3froyo


      wow thats awful..

    3. Owl


      I'm so proud of you. That took guts! And guess what? You just found out that he's definitely not the type of guy you want to be with, anyway. Better to know now than find out later or carry on never knowing at all, right? Your social life isn't over. Act like it doesn't affect you and they'll eventually just drop it. Works every time. <3

  7. sigh... I told him. he told everyone. social life is over. BOOM.
  8. ok, so, I have a crush. I am 99% sure he doesnt like me back. I saw him at the selecrive school tests today (im in yr 6) and I didn't know he was doing them! And he is really smart so I think he might get in, but I had a meltdown and started guessing every second question. Even if I do get in, we are not doing the same selective schools! And I will be so sad withput him. And, I am not kidding if he was about to die I would almost kill myself for him. Like say, if someone was about to shoot him I would jump infront of him. What can I do?!?! I only have like 3 more terms with him!!!
  9. why can I not stick to tamas?!?!?!

    1. Eternal Mametchi Fan

      Eternal Mametchi Fan

      You can't stick to Tamas? IMPOSSIBLE!

    2. The Ultimate Doomer

      The Ultimate Doomer

      Tamas are stickier than superglue.

  10. I dont know ive only watched one episode of hetalia! italy?!? 2+2= A) 2 B ) 4 C) cucumber D) 398733431098785623232100909875678782356801357924680
  11. ^ I hope i will get to > is craving chorizo sausage v loves hatsune miku
  12. i was going to make this topic lol! A guy at my school, Jake Bennison. we are so different though. I am the kind of crazy girl that loves music and all things japan, popularity level 5/10 and he is a super sporty guy who actually is kind of shy sometimes and all his friends are popular, popularity level 9.7/10 ...
  13. I love tamatalk. everyone is so nice here and fun. and its nice not to be the odd tamagotchi girl like i am at my school. you guys have helped me alot and i want to thatnk you all for being so awesome and nice!!!

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    2. rbarnett


      You don't need to remind us, we know we're cool. XD

    3. tamatown123
    4. Eternal Mametchi Fan

      Eternal Mametchi Fan