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  1. ^he's not black, he's brown, like, just a tad darker than asian. Plus thats okay because in the show everyone is asian anyways.... Sorry if I sound racist, Im not...
  2. lol, I really want a premium membership but I dun have no money for it... D':
  3. Who here uses Picnik? I just got an account, it's really fun!
  4. Im into emo fashion, so I wear alot of dark colourse, black t-shirts and jeans, and I also have my hair in an emo flip type thing. I also like wearing homemade jewellery like rings and necklaces. I also love my hoodies, and I always wear them, weather dependant of course.
  5. I wish to be a tattoo artist/piercing specialist. It doesn't sound very productive, but it's what I want to do in life.
  6. I lean more towards the outsider, or outcast, with all my friends. But it's only genetic, every generation of my family has been in the outcast group XDDDD
  7. C! (just cuz Im weird like that!) Your wet and sloshy kisses send them squealing like puppies! You: A. Sit there smirking over your triumph B. Chase after them to scare them more C. Pull out your laser bazooka and say "austa la vista baby", and disintegrate them all...
  8. TPAM has a username that is also a dinosaur
  9. this is a remake of an old topic from the beginning of last year the game is simple: someone names an animal, the next person rates it, then they post an animal as well, and so on, for example Bob: Giraffe Joe: 3/10...Rhinocerous Suzy: 10/10 <3 [;....lion etc. ok I'll start Monkey
  10. Imma hafta pick B! The skittles aren't working! you: A. Eat them B. Fire your lazer, killing not only the tall people, but the poor skittles :'( C. Run like *heck*...
  11. Avvie: Its either Pon or Zi, (Im not sure) thinking of the other Siggy: The quote from my avvie
  12. A. You're watching tv when all of a sudden the ghost of the really tall guy you killed riding the evil cake barges into you're house, you: A. Turn sparta warrior and eliminate all traces of the cake and ghost B. Disapparate to china where you learn how to do kung-fu C. Eat the cake and rekill the ghost
  13. I used to be allergic to vanilla icing in dunkaroo's, it would give me hives, but Im not now.
  14. In my grade: The quiet, yet talkative one The one who will make a sarcastic remark every chance he gets The one who seems weak but took down a tougher, stronger kid in front of the class, using pressure points The really smart kid the go to kid when you have a problem etc. etc. In the school: The kid who wore a duct tape wrist band for half a year The kid who won't talk to anyone over two grades older The one who went out with the most despised girl in the school The weird child who hangs out with the rest of the outcasts The one who mysteriously disappears from french class to go see the school councillor The wimp who jumps and flinches at anyone and everything
  15. no Idea So what if you can see The darker side of me nothing will ever change this animal I have become
  16. umm..I hate cabbage rolls, which is in fact a ukrainian dish, and I happen to live where ALOT of ukrainians live, so I get chased and yelled at when I state that fact
  17. Dont worry, Im in my school band. At first, you wont be so good, but dont get discouraged, dont quit. Also all the instruments are hard to play, but thats what practice is for. Notes are very easy to read, and their fun to learn to, and performing isn't scary, just pretend its another practice only you're not allowed to screw up, as much. [; I know Im not that helpful, but just think about it.