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  1. I need help how do i get out the stripped screw out of my v1 tamagotchi :angry:
  2. try surgery on it and take a part and put back together very risky but can maybe fix it
  4. also arukotchi wasn't on there!! (you tell by my avatar i love it)
  5. this works for me every time just take the batteries for three day put new ones in and i never goes bad again
  6. that happened to me actually cuz i stuck it in my uggs but i just download it get my progress back
  7. i do not like it cuz there sometimes over priced and unfun (if that is a word)
  8. me too i actually though you were not suppose to logout at first....
  9. wow thanks but i would be caught by my mom first so i do not bring them
  10. otherwise saying every time your tama loses a happy heart or hunger heart or poops you have to take care quick and do not miss calls (the beeps with ! over their head and so on and so on..... or perfect care as Rockstarkuromametchi says and remember do this on an odd generation
  11. the regular time is 5 or 6 so do not worry try tommorrow
  12. if you have every notice your code is differ every time some that is probably one of tons come to think about it
  13. what geration does it says your on tama and is it v5 or v5.5
  14. oh are toy r us stop selling them *stupid cough cough* they will sometimes if your lucky but there just music stars when they do i mean they do not even put them on there website so yeah.....l
  15. you could do surgery heres the site sorry i can't hyper link it just copy it and plus it pretty much all breaks your tama so it pretty much risky but if it bothers you sooooo much you could try it actually for you buttons but it can remove the dust too
  16. pixel chixes yuck it looked fun but was blechly!!!!
  17. Gardevoir totally even though i have not played pokemon in a very long while
  18. I think both of them are cool but id is a little more cool
  19. Umm... I would guess that your music star had a glitch or it thought you pressed the reset button but who know the music star is really glitche mine would not grow and when I would reset it it would stay stay as an egg and would not grow. And before this happened did you drop it or something??