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  1. "Ohhh!YummyYummyYummy!"said chowder and he blew and blew and blew and blew and blew and blew and and blew and blew and blew and blew and blew and blew and blew and blew and and and and blew and blew and and blew and this hurts my fingers.So we all know he BLEW. Then he floated up to the sky and saw a Knish.A Knish?"WTF?" said chowder."whats a Knish?"I dont know,Chowder."oh,srry"Ok and then he saw a knish.It pooped the gum.And he fell and fell and fell and fell and fell and fell and fell and fell and fell and fell and fell and fell and and FELL.
  2. My life is complicated.ANd seeing so,I will have 2 songs. 1.This is my "good"side,when Im happy. The song is Bluebird,By Ikamono Garaki 1.This song is when Im angry,In trouble,whatever. I dont care,By FallOutBoy
  3. 24th December 2009 7:25 AM merry Knishmas Eve Everyone!Last night did not go to sleep til 11:20,so tonight is to be way different.Unless Sakura passes Auditions,this is my only post today,because my GrandParents are coming,And I need to spend time with them.And also they are very strict about computer times.aWe are eating Thai tonight. Name Sakura Age 4 62LB Hearts max 23stress 819/802/968 hphop music mic 4 gen 2970 p Makiko Girl I changed the time but she didnt pass.Bye guys, ~Emoness
  4. When she came home she locked herself up in her room and ripped paages from her diary.And in the basement Joan had broken free."Never leave siccors on the floor while your keepind someone prisoner!""Joan are you alright?"Siad Tony."Y-Yess?!""Great because I love you!" "I-I-"
  5. That song is didicated to this popualar girl who loves taytlor swift and allways sings white horse.But if you look into her eyes,you can see she has a seceret.And her name is belle
  6. MJ and Farah Fawcett.When we were at school my teacher came into the class scremimg Micheal is dead!And everyone thought she meant Micheal in our class,who was away on the 25th of June.Then I said Micheal Micheal or Micheal[tons of Micheals in my school]]And She said THE Micheal and I screamed.Mj is dead!?I cried.So did most of the girls.The boys were like,oh sad
  7. I like chemicals react by Aly and Aj-In simlish.
  8. 23 December 2009 5:41 PM Hello.My name In the Log is to be Emoness.Haha,im not the cheery type,but this is a cheery month.This Version is Knish-Mas^^OOps no cherry.My Tamagotchi is a V6 she is called Sakura.She is a Makiko.Makiko says hi and Emoness Says BYE!
  9. Chowder was sleeping.So was his big brown cloud.[fart]then mung called from downstairs."Chowder,breakfast!!!"Chowder shot out of bed and said in mid air "YUMMY YUMMY YUMMY!"A nd stayed in mid air for 5 seconds.When he went downstairs he stopped next to the calender.24th of Kenshiecember."Knishmas tomorrow!YaY!"^^ "Chowder its going to be your first Knishmas!"Said truffles.Then a note slipped under the door. To Chowder I wish You A Merry Knishmas! xoxo xox xo x ~Luvs from Panini "Panini?!" "well yess."Said mung."Cant you read?" continued mung."It clearly says Panini."says truffles."Panini?Screw it up Chowder.I thought it says Pancakes!"said Mung."Cant you hear?"said truffles.Truffles took chowder to buy a Knishmas suit.It was cute and pink.Then they went home. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Continue The Story!I did not make the word KnishMas.Chowder Did
  10. [to you siggy you stole my word knishms]When he went inside eveyone came quiet.WHAT!HE YELLED.People started giggling.He looked at his bum.Oh...a banana peel.Wait who eats banana's?Don Don Don!
  11. I DUNNO,and mine was Alvin and the chipmunks <3 KK,Ummmm you make me feel out of my element like i'm walkin' on broken glass like my worlds spinnin' in slow motion and you're movin' too fast (chorus) were you right, was i wrong were you weak, was i strong, yeah both of us broken caught in the moment we lived and we loved and we hurt and we joked, yeah but the planets all aligned when you looked into my eyes and just like that the chemicals react the chemicals react <3
  12. Ok this is a quick post but I changed the time to 5:00!Concert!Today Ahhness was asked by EA Games to sing Chemicals React by Aly and Aj-In simlish!So Ummm well heres the link to the song!:
  13. The Warehouse.In NZ.Farmers doesnt sell.Try your local superMarket