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  1. JUST A NOTE! WE have decided to change the name of the baby to CHRIS!! It is not Jared anymore it is CHRIS! CYA! RhiRhi & Holly & Chris
  2. HIYA! HOLLY FINALLY WOKE UP! The matchmaker came too..... I'm kinda... married.... we have an adorable baby boy!!! I'm thinking of calling him..... Jacob or Jared or Sam or Paul or maybe Embry..... whoops! they're all members of new moon...... We just finished reading the book.... again...... I THINK I'LL CALL HIM JARED! COOL! Holly used to be a hairdresser but now she's a fashion designer! Here are her stats so far... Name: Holly (and baby boy, Jared) Adult: Memetchi 7yrs 1G girl. Intelligence:133 Arts:207 Social:79 LB:30 67720p NOTE:I swear i am not addicted to Twilight! I love the books because they are well written and plain cool and i love how the movies arent completely terrible! I can prove i'm not an addict because if i saw Robert Pattison i wouldn't run up to him and yell BITE ME! PLEASE KEEP THE FAN MAIL COMING! RhiRhi & Holly & Jared
  3. HEY EVERYONE! WE'RE BACK! I'll be posting things like stats and info etc. a bit later because Holly is still asleep and we have a lot to do! We'll see your soon! RhiRhi & Holly
  4. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR! Holly got a job!!! I was really sad to see my teacher leave....... so i called her and the king after! I'm working at the Hairdressers and i find it SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO easy! I keep getting excellent! I played it 3 times getting excellent twice and great on the first go! My pay was 1300p! I'm quite happy now! Holly's Stats: Name: Holly, girl, 1g, 4yrs, adult: Memetchi Intelligence:86 Arts:153 Social:70 LB:30 58180p fortune: money:1 love:2 immunity:1 Holly and I are going away for a couple of days for a big new years party! That means that when we get back, there'll be a lot to talk about! CYA SOON! RhiRhi & Holly
  5. HEY! Us again! Holly and I have just come back from Tamatown! Holly says that she would like to tell you all about it! But first: new fortune: money:3 love:2 immunity:2 HEY EVERYONE! It's Holly here! I'm sooo happy I evolved! i can't wait to graduate! I don't wanna leave my teacher but i really want to graduate! In Tamatown today we went to the cafe! I made pizza's in the pizza parlour! They were yummy! I like hawaiian! Then we went to the school! After we cleaned the gym floor, we went to the mall and started shopping! I ,ike shopping! BUT NOT AS MUCH AS THE ARCADE! We went there too! I had sooo much fun! we went to Mame city, Guruguru town and patchi forest! I LOVED IT! I'd better go to school now.... BYE! We had a lot of fun! While she's at school i wanna just leave a note! THANKS TO EVERYONE SO FAR WHO HAS POSTED FAN MAIL! HOLLY IS REALLY HAPPY! I'm back!! OK HOLLY! I'LL COME PLAY SOON! BYE FOR NOW! (not forever.....) RhiRhi & Holly
  6. SORRY WE DIDN'T REPLY! We went out so we couldn't report her stats! HOLLY EVOLVED! SHE'S A...... MEMETCHI!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! stats: Holly, girl, 1g, adult:memetchi, 3yrs (turning 4) intelligence:68 arts:135 social:62 LB:31 45700p fortune: money:3 love:1 immunity:2 CYA SOON! RhiRhi & Holly
  7. HELLO! THANKS CAILLIE! THANKS! Holly and I are just going to Tamatown but when we get back we'll tell you all about it and give you Holly's stats! BYE FOR NOW!! RhiRhi & Holly
  8. HEY! Us again! when we went to tamatown today i saw my pre-school teacher! She said that i looked healthy and that i had grown soooo much! I was really happy! We went to the food cort....wait.... is that how you spell it? It's court not cort ok..... Thanks mum! Anyway, we went to the food court and i played in the pizza place! After that we went to the arcade and played ring toss and darts! I like ring toss! We went to see the king too! I had lots of fun! Just a moment ago i got a letter from the king! he gave me 1500p!! My new fortune is money:3 love:2 and the strength thingy is 2! My teacher says that if i keep doing well in school i could become a Makiko or Memetchi! Anyway here are Holly's stats: teen, ichigotchi, 1g, girl, 2yrs old Intelligence:41 arts:101 social:40 39000p LB:20 RhiRhi & Holly
  9. BY THE WAY! NOTE! Please keep the mail coming! Holly feels good knowing that people are taking an interest into other tamagotchi lives! Most logs help new tamagotchi owners so keep it coming! THANKS! RhiRhi & Holly
  10. THANKS SHELBY! Holly thanks you for your mail! Holly and I are about to go to Tamatown because Holly wants to see her pre-school teacher and play some games! I WANNA PLAY THE PIZZA GAME! we will! Holly's stats: Name:Holly, teen, Ichigotchi, girl, 1g, 1yrs old Intelligence:41 Arts:101 social:34 LB:17 34700p fortune:money:2 love:2 Strength/immunity:1 I went to the movies to see Avatar about an hour ago so Holly was in my handbag. (AGAIN) IT'S COZY IN THERE! really? hmm! unfortunately, somebody sent Holly a snake in a letter..... WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! IT-*sniff*- SCARED *sniff* ME! It's ok..... She's getting better in class and is winning at dance, shape and flag! I LIKE DANCE THE BEST!!! Can we go to tamatown now? OK HOLLY! BYE FOR NOW! BYE! RhiRhi & Holly
  11. HI! It's Holly here! I had to go and see my pre-school teacher just now after getting a letter. It turns out that i had to leave! WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! I didn't wanna go....*sniff* I-*sniff* wanna*sniff* see her! We'll see her later ok! O-o-ok.....*sniff* The good thing is that my new teacher is Ms Flower! She's really nice! I'm apparently doing really well in classes! I met a really nice young memetchi named Ellie! She's my BFFL! That's nice! Holly's stats: Name: Holly, teen, Ichigotchi, Girl, 1g, 1yrs old Intelligence:35 Arts:53 Social:34 LB: 7 (wow she lost weight) 33280p fortune: money:3 love:2 strength:1 Cya soon...... say bye Holly.......BYE!!! RhiRhi & Holly
  12. JUST A NOTE: if you like reading my log or have some comments on how to make it better and stuff, please PM me! Holly would love that aswell! THANKS! PLEASE COME SAY HI! RhiRhi & Holly
  13. OMG! HOLLY EVOLVED! JUST AS WE LEFT TAMATOWN! YAY! THAT'S RIGHT MUM! Holly is now an Ichigotchi! awwww cute! Thanks mum... Her stats are pretty much the same but she's an ichigotchi! oh and 32500p How does it feel to be an Ichigotchi? FABULOUS!!! YAY! TALK TO YA SOON! RhiRhi & Holly
  14. HIYA EVERYONE! I wanted to tell you myself about what happened to me today! When we left tamatown i got a picture book, action figure, organ and some food! I love the crepe suzette! Anyway! RhiRhi's mum took her out shopping and i was in her cozy louis vuitton handbag! after shopping i got a letter with a heart in it!!! HEE-HEE! it made me happy! I went to pre-school! I love my teacher! she's nice! When i go to da reeeeeeeeeaaaaally big school for all da bigger kids i wanna have Ms Flower teaching me!!!!! She seems nice! ANYWAY! i'll let RhiRhi talk now! BYE-BYE! Nice work Holly! why don't you go to school now? OK! BYE! BYE! anyway! here are holly's stats! Name: Holly, toddler, mizutamatchi, girl, 1g 1yrs old Intelligence:10 arts: 35 social: 30 LB: 18 23000p Fortune: money:2 love:1 srength thingy: 2 CYA SOON! RhiRhi & Holly
  15. HEY! ok so Holly and i went to tamatown today! I LOVE TAMATOWN! Anyway! Holly is doing well at jump rope and mimic! we hope that her arts points will stay high! We are in tamatown right now! I WANNA GO TO THE ARCADE MOMMA! In a second Holly! Holly loves her pre-school teacher, she seems nice! I'll write back with her stats soon! BYE FOR NOW! RhiRhi & Holly