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  1. I'm on generation 11. I didn't update, but my tama got married. and one child only. Isthat even possible? Sorry i havne't been on often
  2. Hmm new battery, but it's a v5c and we got it about 3 weeks ago just started a week ago
  3. My tamagotchi is on the seventh generation! OHYEAH
  4. My siblings tamagotchi suddenly had a download/restart page about three minutes after a marriage Any help?
  5. I have a Mame family, OH YEAH~~ I love Mametchi (:
  6. January 4 School started But I brought my tamagotchi to school. Most of the time it doesn't seem like it's a big deal. My Second Kuchipatchi will get married on the 6th
  7. Nice! My Kuchipatchi got married to the female version thing of him. hahaha it made a pure family oh yes! I'm so happy (: Stay Tuned
  8. What The.....? My Tama been a teen for 3 days now, today is December 30. It was suppose to trans yesterday?!?!? Didn't even pause it -.- It better trans today TTYS!
  9. Continued Log December 26th My Chantochi married a Mametchi and became Mamametchi & Papamametchi. They had 3 children; 2x Mimifuwatchi, & 1x Fubatchi. Aren't they a pure Mame family, or at least a smart family? Ah wells. I told my mother and she said "Congratulations!" LOL It transformed to Mousetchi, Sakuramotchi, & Mattaritchi Stay Tuned(:
  10. WARNING This is quite boring, trust me New Family: December 21th Started Tamagotchi family named: Scupy (Pronounced: Skoo-pee) Turned Baby-Toddlers December 22nd 24 hours (more or less) it became a teenager at exactly 6:21PM (Yes, I wrote down the times) Woohoo! I'm going to have a Mametchi as my main! December 24nd(Christmas Eve) 48 Hours turned teenager-adult at 7:10PM Received 1000 Points from that logout code(: Maybe More Interesting Info? I want to have a MAME FAMILY! with a pet OH YEAH! I'm pondering on weither or weither not I should make a twitter for my tamagotchi. Yes, twitter.. my tamagotchi is like a great friend. IT DESERVES A TWITTER! Name for twitter? NO IDEA! maybe I shouldn't. Hehe (I was thinking like scupyfamily?) Once my Mametchi gets married, I'll post another log. Won't be all interesting. Well, it won't be anything of interest because like I said above, I want a Mame Family Instead I'll just post a video attach of a video of I doing whatever I please Stay tuned!
  11. In Grade 2, I had a strict teacher We were really good at hiding tamagotchis (mine was V3). It was hidden very well for about 3 week? maybe less? Anyways, I lost my tamagotchi on school grounds. So During free time. I told my friends to write "LOST TAMAGOTCHI, IF FOUND RETURN TO blahblahblah" Fortunately, my teacher didn't care that we were crowed along my desk and after school my friend's sister found it. WOO HOO, it was not happy The next day, my teacher heard a BLEEP! It went to the washroom. My teacher Made me stand up and didn't take it away but instead took it and and made me follow her. Then she said "This Tamgoushis an electronic, meaning it is very dangerous to bring it because it can be stolen, or LOST!" We didn't really care, we just keep it at our desk and became more secretive with it Anyways it's safe and dangerous. You just need to be aware of what could happen
  12. They are siblings meaning they won't get married. You also have to wait 48 hours without pause to be able to marry and go on the dating show. You can always chose which tama which gets married to
  13. In the beginning, they are babies. They're 3 and each one of them is different. Omututchi, Mimifuwatchi, && Futabatchi Omututchi= Cheerful Baby Mimifuwatchi = Smart Baby Fubatchi = Easy Going Baby Normally, Mimifuwatchi (if male) Will end up as a Mametchi, if you train it's bond to 80-100% (You can do so by training it at 10:00, 12:00 AM, 2:00, 4:00, && 6:00 PM Though the two oldest children will end up as the same group (cheerful, smart, or easy going) It's all the training you give. 1st item is to increase smart 2st item is to increase cheerful 3rd item is to increase easy going Choosing the item will train it to -insert type- and possibly changing it to a different type from what it was in the beginning Anyways, that's how I got Mametchi