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  1. it mean when the note comes on there head u have to press the botton that goes with it. that middle one goes with the middle character and so on *p.s. its a lot not alot.
  2. i've seen this tama that is on your cell phone. How do you get it? i have a verizon. Will that work. plz help.
  3. this might sound crazy. but the same thing happened to me so.. i used a mini key and it worked. the botton are just metal. so that might work.
  4. Did you ever read the book. The chronicles of Vladimir Tod. if not you should it is so cool get eight grade bites then ninth grade slays then tenth grade bleeds the elenth grade burn. it is about a vampire. No it is not like twilight.... it is way better, but twilight is still awesome. So check out the Book.
  5. I paused my tama at 5:00PM yesterday. and today at 4:10PM (i checked) i unpaused it and it saw sleeping. both my tamagotchis where sleeping. one is an adult and one is an teenager. they are both slepping what happened?
  6. it could be the pause thing but it might also be that your tama is 9 years old. i do not remeber but i thing your tama can not marry is it is that old. Your tama might be and oldie. if so all you can do is keep playing with it until it dies.
  7. the A button will let you change the teachers. then the B Is how you select it. (it took me 4 gen. to figure that out)
  8. if they are then.. how come i have never seen them.
  9. where do i find the gotchi family. people are talking about it but i have no idea what they are talking about.
  10. what gotchi family are people talking about. where do you find them???
  11. oh beacuse after that it takes a lot of playing, just to raise it up to a 5. So you could ether just keep playing or try this website... http://musicstargen.site40.net/