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    こんにちは、私は明美だ。私はアニメのように、書籍、テレビ、アニメーション、スポーツ、日本!場合は、このスマートさを読み取ることができます!明美、私の日本語の名前ですが、太陽が昇ることを意味!便利だと思いません?私の好きな食べ物は、ピザ、寿司、チョコレート、チャーハンです!私の好きな飲み物、コーラ、紅茶、ホットチョコレート、オレンジジュースです。私の好きなテレビ番組、デッキ上でたまごっち!、戦士の生命、およびポケモン。次の時間、ティル<br>スクールサックスと平和を!<br>If you can read this then your smart! Heres a bit about me:<br>NOTE: This is not a translation from above<br>Hi, I'm Japan4eva. I am from Christchurch New Zealand. My dream is to live in Japan. I am saving up for a Tamagotchi ID. If you want me to translate anything, I CAN'T. Please do not ask me, I only know enough Hiragana to read through a 70 page chapter book. SO DON'T ASK ME TO TRANSLATE!

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  1. "Oh wait its just Matt..." said Joan. "Oh yeah I forgot how ugly you were!" said Bill. Matt said: "I am not ugly! You are the one with big lips!" said Matt. "Oh yeah I found this UFO, you must of forgot to press Launch and just pressed fast..." Joan twitched. "We will be on our way to buy another UFO," said Bill. "50,000GP! I don't have that much!" said Joan. "Me either, we could steal..." suggested Bill. "NO!" said Joan...
  2. OMG! Thnx! I wish bandai would stop putting "new tamagotchi, a new way for girls to play..." its for boys too! PS This should be in comments and rumors
  3. Cookies are living things you know!
  4. "But furawatchi..." said Dazzilitchi. "by the way, im not Kuromametchi, I am Furawatchi, I was your boyfriend! He wasn't even real!" screamed the shadow figure. "YOU ARE CRUEL!" screamed Dazzilitchi, She punched the shadow figure and her fist went through it. Dreamitchi appeared. "I was in love with you?" he screamed. "Yes, you are stupid you know," said Dazzilitchi. "Why are you picking on me?" said Dreamitchi. "Well excuse meeee" "oh there you go being all girl power" "shut up!" "... OH NO YOU DIDN'T!" "wait... what?" said Dazzilitchi. "my work here is done," said the shadow figure. "WAIT!" screamed Dazzilitchi. "Look Dreamitchi, this is what he... or she wants us to do! We have to escape!" Dreamitchi suddenly had a dark thought. "What if... the gotchi king is the shadow figure?" .........................
  5. People say to get Mametchi you have to get 999 in all skill points, well I got Mametchi with all my skill points under 400. And I got Memetchi with the same skill points as mametchi, so its not to do with skill points.
  6. im from new zealand and it was out here in like aprill! EDIT: It came out in New Zealand in late March.
  7. Hey there! Kuchipatchi left his baby. I set the time to 11:59, waited one minute and the aniamtion happened. For what seems like ages he just stands there looking at the baby, then he left. I named the baby Yumi. It has not evolved into toddler yet, but oh well. It should soon, its already had a sleep, cried, and pooped about five times. By the way, I am savin up for a ID which will be added to this log in aprill or may.
  8. I can run up to 4, I am running a V4, a V6 and saving up for a ID, when i get my ID I will still run my V4 and V6 ID=Tamagotchi ID
  9. Hey there! This is my official tama log! On my V6 I have a Dreamitchi who used tobe mametchi. And I had all of my mametchis skill points... under 300? I have a theory that it really is care, not skill points. My V4 is a Kuchipatchi with a female baby. I gotta get ready 4 scool, BYE
  10. Toy world is a New Zealand/Austrailia version of toysrus
  11. I think tamagotchi versions should be copied off the japanese ones, like V4 (entama) V4.5 (uratama) V5 (Familitchi) V5.5 (Royal Famitama). Lets face it, bandai america is NOT GOOD at making tamagotchis that are not copied off the japanese ones!
  12. what do you like better? I was going to put real life pets vs tamagotchis, but then again, Tamagotchis are real aren't they? Their part of our lifes! so i put living pets VS tamagotchis. What do you like better?! I like living pets better, but Tamagotchis are a close second! Feel free to post some pictures of your pets and describe them! My pet: I have a cute black and white cat called Oscar, he is small for his age, but that makes him cute! Before we got this cat I never called an animal cute! I can't get a picture of him up though. He wears a red collar and has a really cute nose! Its half white and half black! He has a white tummy with a black spot in the middle, black legs/arms with white feet/paws. He sleeps with his toung poking out! And he doesn't like fish. I also have 2 guinea pigs, Pop and PJ (Pop Juinor), PJ is about three years old and Pop is, well, we don't know! When we got her she was an adult and six years later she is still living! She might die soon My cat is nearly 2 years old. We got my cat cause I was scared of cats (I know, really lame fear) and now I adore them! So what are your pets like and do you like them better than Tamagotchis?!
  13. gross! don't go round showing everyone!