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  1. It means 'Obtained the Parenting Notebook' The parenting notebook (こそだてちょう) is the 4th menu in the Notebook icon of the 4U, where you can see the DLed tamagotchis and hints on how to obtain them.
  2. It's a 'character design contest'. You get to design a new tamagotchi character. (so those 4 characters are probably examples) One winning design will be up for downloads on the T4U app and it will be also available at Bandai data spots. You need a special serial code to apply for the contest. The serial code is in the 'growth diary' (the book on the left). You have to buy one or more T4U-related items (maybe only at certain toy stores?) to get the growth diary. Campaign starts at March 21st, contest ends at April 30th. More info to come in the future.
  3. I've been there (Tamagotchi Store: it's inside Tokyo station) after the T4U was released, and I'm pretty sure that's a pink one. The decoration flags in the upper part of the picture (with the identical color with the box) also spells out pink anyway.
  4. Ten years since the Tamagotchi Plus, and I think this is a great Tama. I can't wait for two months. Notice one of the photos of the faceplates says "Series 2" and "Release on November 8th" and "500yen(without tax)" (tax is 8%) Probably the first series will be sold with the T4Us? and a Series 3 will come out? iPhones don't support NFC. This makes me want to live in Japan...
  5. Wait, can't be... the p's is still selling on the tamadepa online shop, aren't they...? Noooo...
  6. Oh...........
  7. The English iDL came to S. Korea too! (link) and it's by Bandai... the first time Bandai Korea officially imported the tmgc since v1... The price is 70,000 won which is about 65 dollars... The bad things are 1. Only those three colors available 2. You can buy a new Japanese iD L at a similar or even lower price(if lucky), and most tama fans here already have Japanese iD Ls 3. Not available on the online shop, at least at this point. It's only available in one store. I don't think I'll buy one, but I'm curious about the back of the packaging. I might go just to look at it.
  8. I guess the Connect menu on the Pocket Designer will connect to the P's. Maybe it could connect to another Designer too. Then again, what will the Net menu be... I like the design. The only problem is that it's so expensive...
  9. The photos for the Pocket Designer, its covers, and a Watchlin toy is up.
  10. I just realized that 'mira' from Miraitchi and 'kuru' from Kururutchi adds up to 'mirakuru', meaning miracle. The Miracle Shop in the new pierce shows it...
  11. I know that Bandai produces the tamagotchi series under Bandai Japan, Bandai America, Bandai Europe (known as UK tamas), and Bandai Asia (known as Chinese/HK tamas). Although Japanese tamas are easy to distinguish from the rest, I find it hard to part the other three. From what I know, the English releases are... +JP -p1 +US -p1, p2, angel, ocean, mini -v1, v2, v3, v4, v4.5, v5, v5.5, v6, tamago +UK -p1, p2, angel -v1, v2, v3, v4, v4.5, v5, v5.5, v6, tamago +CH/HK (includes Australia/Oceania) -p1, p2, mini -v1, v2, v3, v4, v4.5, v5, v5.5, v6, tamago -tamawalkie, iDL Is this right? Is there any more tamas that I have not included? and the main question is.. Is there differences in tamas between non-Japanese releases? I mean, between the US version, UK version, or the Australian/Chinese versions. And in the programming, not the designs or shells. Err... like... is there a difference in programming between the US v4 and UK v4? US tama-go and Chinese tama-go? US v2, HK v2, UK v2? and so on. I know my questions sound weird but I'm willing to explain more. plz tell me anything you know about these differences. Even the smallest difference, like one character or so is veeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrry important to me.
  12. another S.Korean here. In 1996 or 1997, the original (p1) tamagotchis were imported from Japan. Probably the English versions, I think. and in 2004 Tamagotchi Connection (=V1) was imported, in Korean packaging. These were in English. But that's all. No Korean tamas since. Bandai Korea probably has no plans for the future also. Since the Korean-packaging-V1 is quite hard to find, I'm guessing that your cousins have JP or US tamas. Communities here often buy JP/HK tamas in groups.
  13. I think the upper link is not the Japanese version... it's probably the Hong Kong version or so. when you look at the photos there, the words on the back are in chinese/english, not japanese. Also it says Bandai Asia, not Bandai Japan. I've never heard that there is a japanese version of the tama-go. it would be fun if there was one, but Japan has the P's now... oh well.
  14. These are the two designs!! The designs are kind of sweet... but I wish there would be more colors like yellow or green or blue! Here's some more information!! ---Melody Crown ---Lovely Music 4530yen... I think I'll buy it, since I live in Korea!!! +the 2 new games are LovelinCooking and Violin.
  15. Wow, I didn't know that I was lucky myself! I bought a white Kuchipatchi one at about 31 dollars... but the important part is that I live in South Korea!! (OK, I'm Korean. Now I admit it.) Our Korean tamagotchi club is waiting and waiting and waiting.... Maybe it'll take about 2~3 weeks to get delivery? Oh, well. Just wanted to show that the Asian part is waiting for the tamago as well