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    Too many things!!!<br>Marching Band/Band, Film Making, Acting, Cooking, Watching criminal investigation show!!! (I wanna work for CSI), and MOOOOORE!

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  1. Nope. Suck at singing. I play Trombone in Band. : P
  2. lol One time I had a dream that my friend was a lesbian, my other friend dyed her hair dark brown (she's blonde), and that I had to walk home. Welllllll the next day I came to school early (because me and my friends always mess around before school) and I saw Archurilla (other friend (pronounced are-KUR-ee-yuh) and she had dark brown hair! And TRUST me, she is NOT the type to dye her hair! Then I told her that I dreamed that Xani (friend (pronounced zuh-NEEH)) was les, and she told me her Xani's sister is! THEN my mom forgot to pick me up and I had to walk! That day was so creepy@
  3. lol It's kinda funny how you people are naming all the things I already do. Piano/Guitar, videos, cooking, German. Oh, and one more thing. I'm grounded D : So, I need something that I can do alone. I do a video show (not a webshow) once a week.
  4. Okay, so I don't have a life untill summer. In summer, I have marching band camp, band camp, girl's camp, swim camp, swimming lessons, marching band and funness. But right now...I have nothing. I'm usually really quick at my homework, but I need something to ocupy my time untill schools out! I can't get a job right now and I need something that doesn't cost anything. Any ideas? P.S. I like Ghost Hunting and Filmograpy, but I would need someone to help me do that, which I don't. : /
  5. Name: Ruby Age: 9 Personality: Pathetic. She's afraid of everything except women and dogs. She's also fluffy and lives in my room, so she ADORES me! Favorite: Bacon, dog food, and breakfast hot pockets. She likes frolocking in my neighboors garden and annoying everybody but me. She sleeps in my underwear drawer and is my little spoiled princess. : P
  6. I can't remember/have dreams when I get less than 5 hours of sleep. : ( But I remember yesterdays! I was in the girls locker room (expect it was a pool too...?!) and I went over to my guy friend and told him my girlfriend likes him. Well he told her and she got her ganster friends to come kill me. Well, when she opened the door, I smacked that gun right out of her hand with a gigantic kitchen knife! She runs away and then I go to the weight room and practice my trombone solo.
  7. *American Idol *TWILIGHT! *Watching sports on TV. I would much rather PLAY the sport! *Cheerleading (I don't hate it, but I just suck at it. I'm jealous of those girls who can!) *Bad boys. lol *Drowning myself in clothes, makeup, and hair. *Football *Soda. It makes me sick! *Poofy hair *Vampires! *Choir *Black *"That's what she said!!" game *Manicures and much much more!
  8. Homework, room cleaning, study, read, watch a little TV. Yep, I have no life. ) :
  9. Immediatly call 911, then I would check for heartbeats. If there were none or few, I would do chest compressions.
  10. Okay, here are my favorites from each subject of mine: English- Grammar, and I don't like learning how to read. I just like reading. Drama- I don't really lean much new in Drama, but I do like short plays and doing scenes, costumes, make up, etc. History- Ancient Egpyt, America in the 1800's (Mountain men, Pioneers, ect.) Math- I LOOOVE triangles, and shapes and such. It's hard sometimes but it's fun for some odd reason. Science- Plants, Planets, and Microorganisms. Gym- Different muscles and Basketball. Band- New notes...I guess? I don't know. I just like playing trumpet and trombone. I love to learn, I actually have a lot more, but I can't remember then right now!! (I only had 5 hours of sleep last night) So, post your favorite things to learn about!
  11. Yeah. It is. My mom pays high money for it too, so she likes homework recovery. I like it. And I actually just switched, too. Can someone close this?
  12. The topic isn't just "Keep that New Year's Resolution" It is "Keep that New Years resolution, to be healthier. I'm not saying that's everybody's reso...
  13. -CONTINUING- Legs: Walks, leg lifts, ect. Have some extra fat under your neck?! I hate that! When you are watchin' TV or something, just stretch out your neck as far as you can, then slowly bring it back. It really works. I do it all the time.