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  1. I just got married (on the tama Of Course) PS. Can Everybody help with project tama go

    1. gozarutchisawsome


      If your just going to say no then why reply, better to be thought of as a fool, then to open your mouth and remove all doubt

  2. Ok can you please find out the wake times for teens and toddlers. ALso how long dose the wife stay with the child and the tama before leaving. And i have new info: When married the tamas beds sleep together with two beds.
  3. Plz help with tama go project

  4. HI, I have just bought a second tama-go and now i can say that the connection games are: 1.Rollerskating/Skateboarding (cant identify it right now) 2.Eating contest More to come later..... With connection you can also vist their home wich is soo cool. Here are places you can vist: 1.Snow (more later) more to come.... I just go some new info these are the times that the tama go saves for if you reset: 9:00 AM More to come....... I will get pictures later!!!
  5. Wake times are here: Toddler:? Teen:? Adult:7:30 Adult (Matured/Ready for Dating):7:00 Also can people PLZ help add stuff because i am the only one giving info here!!
  6. I have KuroMametchi and he is age:5 and wakes up at 7:30 but unfortunately even when i put it at: 7:39 it still dose not work? Help!
  7. Every Body Please help with tama go project.

  8. Poo times are here: Toddler: 1 Min Teen: 1 hour and 40 mins Adult: ? (I am already potty train'd so can somebody add this PLZ!!) Also can people PLZ help add stuff because i am the only one giving info here!!
  9. New info: after waking a tama it will stay awake for 45 mins before going back to bed!
  10. everybody help with tama go project PLZZZ

  11. I have gotten sleep times: Toddler: 7:00 PM Teen: 9:00 PM Adult: 8:00 PM
  12. Well you can get ringotchi with E care but remember it is mostly genarated by the training points. PS. Avarage is Ok not bad
  13. Can people plz help with project Tama Go in the Whats on your mind section