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  1. I haven't been on tamatown in a long time so I didn't get to see the clickables yet
  2. You can find codes on google-- Boy Petitchi (boy)___RIKKI__C21D50B 5ADDF82 Kuribotchi_______GRANT__E2B0E59 434C21B Kuchitamatchi____RIKKI__B636C29 189FB90 Kikitchi_________RENEE__B506A72 6E83729 Hinotamatchi_____JUANC__18A420D 1A18223 Nonopotchi_______RIKKI__F2A6542 5ACBF96 Mametchi_________MELMO__388B067 71D02CD Kuromametchi_____RENEE__82A90E1 6BF61B6 Shimashimatchi___MELMO__8F1F506 059B5C1 Togetchi_________JADE___EED95D6 2D97ECA Kuchipatchi______SORA?__10DA3C9 0A7DBBF Dorotchi_________WAWA___79484D4 C002F3D Tarakotchi_______MENG___8ED3D8C ECCAF32 Androtchi________RIKKI__D15CF80 47ACEC7 Gozarutchi_______MENG___9CAB5B6 AB80B43 Tosakatchi_______MEME___FAF9703 5BDEC30 Ojitchi__________MENG___0D53DAF A18FBC5 Rexitchi_________WAWA___FFA24A7 C301F44 Girl Petitchi (girl)__RIKKI__846B92F 74FFD83 Hitodetchi_______RIKKI__9204F29 1299B0F Tamatchi_________EQU____D67B1FC 33EF818 Chamametchi______WRATH__D9ED679 53A4DA3 Ichigotchi_______WRATH__1C3433A 0BF0BA8 Ringotchi________RIKKI__7276804 1896B94 Mimitchi_________OLGA!__54C5348 367DDC5 Chantotchi_______TOM!!__C1B716F 7631F43 Memetchi_________DG L___B6C2CB1 6AC7CC9 Makiko___________RACHE__700DB57 FB6A249 Violetchi________DANAN__A7BBCE3 680C5B6 Onputchi_________SOCKY__0203E6D 2E9192F Sebiretchi_______RIKKI__C0E56C8 23AF8BC Maidtchi_________MENG___D9428B7 C9E6D3E Masktchi_________RIKKI__B07A8E7 1F8EAB4 Kunoitchi________WRATH__6BED793 52B8EB3 Otokitchi________TMGC!__358F73E 25538CE Dangoobatchi_____OLGA!__A3DF22C 1C0E9C7 Special characters Dreamitchi_________ BEN___ 448F7E4___ 6822FBD
  3. They are bronze or something like that only guests like them
  4. now on my ME2622 account I got my 1st gotchi gold and a 4th gold. I'm not playing music city any more so I'm gonna give away my 2 accounts PM me if you are intrested
  5. Mine was 400 something place but that was when I was bad at contests
  6. I used it for AB5798 and ME2622 and that is how I got my ME2622 account's CD to 1st gotchi gold!
  7. That's what I did lol i hacked 100,000 gotchi points and donated all of them
  8. thanks for the tips I add the popular and good at contests band memebers
  9. i didn't get on music city yesterday I'm loading music city right now and the numbers are showing up I had to delete the added stuff that we don't use on the computer
  10. That's happening to me too! I thought my computer was running slow and it has high speed internet Because of this i can't load anything but Tamatalk
  11. Never heard of that glitch. If that happens use this Pm me if it doesn't work.