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  1. visit France, Italy, UK, Korea, Japan own an Audi R8 / TT live in New York City meet a celebrity that I really like go to a OneRepublic concert learn French learn Italian fall in love with someone who loves me back get married have children and grandchildren stargaze with someone I love
  2. I get on tumblr, listen to music, play Candy Crush Saga....
  3. Own: Gamecube Gameboy Advance Gameboy Color Nintendo DS Lite Nintendo Wii Playstation 3 PC Favorite: PS3 Want: 3DS literally only for New Leaf though
  4. I don't really play DS anymore but I owned soooo many games. I recently got back into playing Animal Crossing Wild World to hold me over until I can obtain New Leaf. Sadly, I don't own a 3DS so I'll just have to borrow a friend's...
  5. > the entire year of 2010 Seriously though who doesn't regret their decisions in 2010. But in all realness I mostly regret not taking chances. And not talking to someone I like when I could have. I also regret some certain phases of my life that involve certain fandoms which I refuse to name :B
  6. I do stuff with Photoshop and sometimes draw!! It's not that great though. Most of the time, I spend three hours sketching something in Photoshop only to decide it's bad and delete everything. 'tis an endless cycle D:
  7. Oh goodness my life is just a series of embarrassing moments. I'll just name the top two. - This has happened multiple times. I thought I was home alone so I was loudly singing/rapping ... and then I hear someone cough in the house so it turns out I wasn't alone and they heard everything. Then they don't mention it the next day or anything but they bring it up randomly a few months later and it's just like death. - We were practicing starts in groups of two at track and I did fine my first four times. The last time, everyone gathered around and watched and I FELL. I TRIPPED. And skidded on my shins and it was SO embarrassing oh jesus I didn't recover from that embarrassing moment for a WEEK.
  8. Literally me when I was younger. I was in LOVE with Sasuke from Naruto, and Light & L from Death Note. :B
  9. New Perspective - Panic! At The Disco (and singing to it too)
  10. I still get a kids meal when I go. 4 piece chicken nuggets, small fries, and chocolate milk. Then I watched supersize me and now I'm just like lol no.
  11. ur so sugoi desu k bbz xoxoxoxoxoxo

  12. I love SHINee! <3 Taemin is my favorite. :3
  13. School nights, until around 11 PM. Weekends/summer, until around 12 AM - 2:30 AM c: