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  1. paislypuppy i dont think all tattoos are disgusting but yes some are, my aunt has the name of her daughter who died. i thought that was quite nice. and my brother has is sons name
  2. okay so they have been paused. i have been busy today. so anyway i decided im going to name my next boy. if i have one. hayden but haydn unless its on my v6. i found norah
  3. i walk into the computer lab and marcus goes ewww black ppl i was like Mr. JAMES HES RACEST marcus is all black and everything. in gymnastics calss at school good old me decides to take on the responsibility to teach 5 year old gymnastics. i started with a kartweel. i was so focused on doing perfect i messed up adn im like one of the best at the gym lol a lil girl was all - mellena is her name- im tired of ur mistakes mrs. whatever ur last name is do it right i laughed so hard
  4. 4 pages YAY the zombies performed a song of classical music at there concert and there star ranking at the moment is 99th how sad. i lost norah. but shes paused i fell saleep with her on my bed and then i must of kicker her off. lilly is on pause but ima take her off soon. emma's good shes bathing, i miss natt my sister left him at home on accident.
  5. rob looped his arm threw lucys and they walked to the movies to go see fear
  6. ya norah changed into a urayoungmarochi. shes well ummm hideous norah- MOM me - well..... norah- am i fat too? dumb? anything else ud like to say to me? me- no ur not fat dumb yes! norah- MOM okay anyway lilly hasnt changed laurens the same 4 PAGES
  7. again during gymnastics at my school me and my friend were rehearsing our routine which is gonna be presented tomoro we did a 1.5 arabian and i landed on the line. i was so mad i screamed SCREW U MOVING LINE MY FOOT DIDNT LAND ON U U WENT UNDER MY FOOT and my friend goes AHAHAH laughing histerically. it was funny at the time and i go dangit in english my friend has to were an eyepatch. and she walks in the class and goes " nobody better make fun of me " i go " ARGG MATEY WE WONT. ANOBODY SEEN MY PARATE " it was funny
  8. Tamagotchi's Name: Burt Tamagotchi's Age: 6 Date of Birth: ?? Date of Passing: last sunday What Generation? 3 Your Comments: im soooo sorry i didnt mean to wake up at 11. i was tired really tired im sooryy
  9. natts mom never answered. i wonder how he is and what he is. there all good well ima make us top a ramen so by
  10. more about the gymnastics gym at school * i run and do to cartwheels and get hit tin the hed * WHAT WAS THAT i kept screaming and i looked arund turns out gary hit me with a grpaefruit YA A WHOLE GRAPEFRUIT IN THE HEAD WHILE I WAS CARTWHEELING AROUND. warning- kids dont try this at home on the ballance beam were working on our partner routines still and i did a back layout step out onto it then hurt my pinky to on my dismount and gary comes to me and kissed my toe and says DEAR LORD PLEASE HELP THIS BLSSED TOE TO THRIVE FURTHER MORE FOR JUSTICE didnt make sence still cracked me up cause he ha chalk all over his lip