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  1. I think it's pretty much screwed up that some idoit made up Black Friday. Like what's so important about getting stuff that's half price. Some people actually die at Black Friday. Like I remember reading this that a guy died because he triped and feel and everybody steped on him and he died. So yeah I think Black Friday is busy. And what's the point of opening the store a 4:00AM? Now I think that's stupid. Whoever made this up is stupid, like really.
  2. ......................No

  3. Name the charater you've logged in for Tama-Go! But not the code. I've got: Kinotchi, Ahrukitchi, Mattraitchi, Kilalatchi, Korokotchi, Monpatchi, Mametchi, KuroMametchi, Kikitchi, Kutchipatchi, Wooltchi, Tarakotchi, Nonopotchi, Gozarutchi, Necktietchi, Ojitchi, Nokotchi, Belltchi, Hoshitchi, Shelltchi, Mikazukitchi, Chuchutchi, Lovelitchi, Violetchi, Chamametchi, Memetchi, Makiko, Ringotchi, Marotchi, Pipotchi, Grippatchi, and Otokitchi. I need: Shimashimatchi, Oyajitchi, Uwasatchi, and Kunoitchi. Post yours!
  4. I need to find out who' FU1269. He my best friend, and I want to know if he has an account here on TamaTalk.
  5. hahhahaha. going int 13th next year I will be in college. so i'm worried about next year. how about youu (:
  6. Even thought I have my TMGO Congragulations OldSchoolTama and FDOK. : )
  7. Don't share them, BanDai will gt mad. Instead PM them.
  8. Don't share them, BanDai will gt mad. Instead PM them.
  9. Don't worry, since a few days ago it was being under construction, they put it up, but no one could login Music city. So we'll have to wait until problay tomorow and we will problay see Flower Hills.
  10. I just got note from my friend, Calvin, that Internet Explorer has a probxy thing. So Internet isn't going to work, Try FireFox, and if the glitch happends, just refresh the page and keep on doing it.
  11. I always wanted a Manison with a Dog, and a Parrot, with a Servant so I wouldn't had to do anything that I'm to lazy to do. How about yoouuz?? Lol
  12. I've never gotten a V1 but I still know a lot about them, like the 2 games they have are this jumping game and this like mimicing one. xD
  13. Hey, that's pretty good! But BurntSnow is right, the lips may not fit the whole screen of the TMGO. But it's pretty cool!
  14. Battled Ceci, and I lost. Drank soda. ate food. and went to the bathroom when i needed to poop.
  15. I've gotten up to Kuromametchi, but I never beat him. How about you? (: