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  1. Uhhhhhhhhh, because I thought it was cool at the time....... >.> <.< This is one of those usernames your embarrassed to tell your friends when they ask for your gamer tag or something
  2. Many many manymanymany years ago three species went to war. There were Werewolves of the east, Vampires of the North and Humans of the south. Nobody knows what happened to the the dwarves of the west, but our resources told us they went extinct and had to take a shower or something. Anyway after ten years of war the werewolves and vampires gave in. The humans had won, but the greedy human wanted them gone for good. So they went out and killed every werewolf and vampire they saw. Soon after that the humans thought the immortals went extinct, but not exactly. Many went into hiding and stood there watching...waiting and now...there back and ready to take there revenge with even more immortals to help them. Rules: 1. Well for starters all tamatalk rules apply [here] and [here] swearing(duh.....) 3. If you get a boyfriend/girlfriend then that's all fine and dandy(congrats), but don't get to over-rated there smooth talker. 2. No god-modding or whatever you guys call it these days. Mary Ellens and Sues with soup and whatnot...*grumbles about people these days and soup* better have fun...or I'll hunt you down and poke you with a stick. 4. I have to approve of the forum BEFORE YOU RP 5. Nu txt tlk, it's rlly hard to unnderstnd u wen u txt tlk. do u undrstand? Why would you text talk if you have a whole keyboard? 6.if you have something to tell me that you thing that will make this or other RP's better, just shoot me and PM! 7. You may either choose one weapon and one ability for your character, or no weapons an two ability's or the other way around. [Teh Forum] vampires Name: Human age: Real age: Gender: Looks: Personality: Special ability(s)(x2): Kickbutt weapon(optional): Other: {forum} werewolves Name: Age: Gender: Looks(human): Looks(wolf form): Personality: Special ability(s)(x2) Kickbutt weapon: Other: (forum) human Name: Age: Gender: Looks: Personality: Kickbutt weapons: Other: <forum> other species Name: Age: Real age(?): Looks(human)(example: black hair blue eyes): Other looks(creature)(example: Demon:black and red with yellow eyes?): Personality: Special ability(s) Kickbutt weapon(s): Other: .... I iz role-player....
  3. Tama-Go blog Hi and welcome to my tama-go blog I hope you enjoy Stats Name:Blake Gender:boy Age:1 Generation:1G weight;10 Hungry:♥♥♥♥♥ Happy:♥♥♥♥♥ Train:☀☀ Freindship:♥♥♥♥♥♥ Characters:1 Type:Ahiruku-tchi Gotchi points:2490g Well ima gonna play with him for now so bah! I'm back! Nothing really happened Blake:Hi! Me:hi Blake Blake:can we go to Tamatown? Me:not till later, we have to go to church. Blake:oh okay! Me:now go play Blake:okay daddy I took him to the park 2 times and both times he played with a memetchi. Well he's asleep now so I'll update later
  4. White one Name:Suguar Age:1 week old Gender:Female Likes:to be petted and fed and to be played with dislikes:mean people and snobes Favorite toys:don't know she hasn't said Black one Name:Smokey Age:4 weeks Gender:male likes:to read and play dislikes:how he can't walk yet favorite toy:his sqeaky bird tan one Name:Korey Age:3 days Gender:female likes:she can't tell us because she can't speak dislikes:same reason from above Favorite toy:unkown brown one Name:maple Age:2 months Gender:female likes:everything exept... Dislikes:snobs and being croweded Favorite toy:anything you bye her my store Food(10$) water(5$) toys Squeaky bird(20$) Remote controle mouse(25$) Frisbee(2$) Bone(1$) Ball(2$) medicen Flee collar(50$) Flee tretment(30$) Rash oitment(10$) (messege me if you wanna be part of staff) members 1.Nightwatcher(me)
  5. I am obsesed with wolves
  6. I remember that game. Ahhh good times. Killing monsters and leviling up I remember when I first got the dragon armour, but after a while I quit.
  7. Black and only black 'cause it matches my soul(XD)
  8. I do that to so yeah it's pretty normal to me I named my dog in elvish from LOTR.
  9. I don't got a clue? Phenominon.
  10. IF I get ticked off I either smoke or drink but I'm tryin to stop.
  11. No right now I'm assassinating enimes with my bow an arrow lol
  12. I have a replica of alot of LOTR weapons Anyway I'm playin TP right now.
  13. Awak and Alive-Skillet My Hell-Diciple Phenomenon-Thousand Foot Crutch and that about it
  14. I took the name test and it was Nightwatcher so that why I named my acount that.
  15. Ikule Istakian bayorn kia fisteralacrone Ohhh dont ask what it means
  16. oh god.*face palm*
  17. The war of wars I remember it well
  18. No and they never will. Well I've mentioned some of the people from the Zelda form to them but that's it.